Slideshare: Streamlining Serverless Deployments

From Serverless Apps with Node and Claudia.js


Slideshare: Professional Development with Angular

From Angular Development with TypeScript


By Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev

Connecting React and Redux

By Marc Garreau and Will Faurot

Redux was made for React, and this article discusses how to connect them using the react-redux package.

Web Layout is Here: grid layout

By Keith J. Grant

This article delves deep into grid layout in CSS, how it works, and how you can make it work for you. Grid layout is also contrasted and compared to Flexbox.

Always Design First (with PowerShell)

By Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks

Before you sit down and start coding up a function or a class, you need to do some thinking about its design. We frequently see toolmaking newcomers charge into their code, and before long they’ve made some monstrosity which is harder to work with than it should be. In this article we’re going to lay out some of the core PowerShell tool design principles, and help you stay on the path of Toolmaking Righteousness. We’ll include some concrete examples.

Slideshare: Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches: getting started with Azure


Slideshare: Swift in Depth: expanding your knowledge of Swift through real-world examples, tips, and tricks


Slideshare: Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition: the guide to cloud infrastructure automation with AWS


Recurrent Neural Networks

By Nishant Shukla

To bestow neural networks with contextual cues, we’ll study an architecture called a recurrent neural network. Instead of natural language data, we’ll be dealing with continuous timeseries data, like stock-market prices. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to model the patterns in timeseries data to make predictions about future values.

Deep Learning for Text  

By François Chollet

In this article, we’ll learn about deep learning models that can process text (understood as sequences of word or sequences of characters), timeseries, and sequence data in general.

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