Understanding Property Injection

From Dependency Injection, Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Steven van Deursen and Mark Seemann

This article delves into the PROPERTY INJECTION DI pattern—what it is and how, when, and why to use it.

Interview with Brian Goetz

Brian Goetz is one of the leading figures in the Java world. As Java Language Architect at Oracle, he helps steer the direction of the language’s evolution and its supporting libraries. He has led the language through several important modernizations, including Project Lambda.  Brian has a long career in software engineering and is the author of the best-selling book “Java Concurrency in Practice.” (Addison-Wesley, 2006)

Free eBook: Exploring JamStack

Exploring JamStack is a free eBook with chapters selected by Raymond Camden.

Learn to Implement Cyber Security

From Making Sense of Cyber Security by Thomas Kranz

Speeding up Python code

From Python Concurrency with asyncio by Matthew Fowler

BDD Automation: from executable specifications to automated tests

From BDD in Action, Second Edition by John Ferguson Smart

This article explores BDD automation tools that are available for use.

Free eBook: Exploring Graph Databases

Exploring Graph Databases is a free eBook with chapters selected by Dave Bechberger and Josh Perryman.

Preparing Yourself for a Job in Data Science, Part 4: what to expect after you get a job

This article guides you through what it’s like working as a data scientist. We’re going to walk you through what to expect in your first few months and how to use them to set yourself up for success. These months will have an outsized impact on how the job goes and this is your chance to set up a system and support network that allows you to be successful.

How Does OAuth 2 Work?

From Spring Security in Action by Laurentiu Spilca In this article, we discuss the components which act in an OAuth 2 authentication implementation. You need to know these components and the role they play in order to properly implement them…. Continue Reading →

Free eBook: Exploring Mocks in Unit Testing

Exploring Mocks in Unit Testing is a free eBook with chapters selected by Vladimir Khorikov.

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