Azure Web Apps: the first steps

By Iain Foulds

This article, adapted from chapter three of Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, takes a look at an Azure Web App in action. This requires a couple of parts. First, we create the basic Web App and see the default site in our browser. Then we use a sample web page from GitHub and push that to Azure.

Mutable and Immutable Objects

By Ana Bell

This article, adapted from Get Programming: Learn to code with Python, discusses mutable and immutable objects in Python.

The Many Forms of Scripting: which to use

By Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks

This article is about learning to draw the line between two equally important kinds of script – tools and controllers. Specific techniques are suitable for tools, and different ones are suitable for controllers. Each set of techniques is designed to reduce your workload, debugging, maintenance, and increase readability and reusability. Knowing which kind of script that you’re writing helps direct you to the right set of techniques, and this is the key to being a successful scripter and toolmaker!

Slideshare: Debugging with Redux DevTools

From Redux in Action


By Marc Garreau and Will Faurot

Responsive Design

By Keith J. Grant

This article takes a look at the three principles of responsive design. We will start building a responsive page, and I’ll unpack each of them as we go. After that, we’ll take a look at images, which require some special considerations on responsive sites.

Dependency Injection: writing maintainable, loosely-coupled code

By Steven van Deursen and Mark Seemann

What purpose does DI serve? DI isn’t a goal in and of itself, rather a means to an end. Ultimately, the purpose of most programming techniques is to deliver working software as efficiently as possible. One aspect of that is to write maintainable code. This article, adapted from chapter 1 of Dependency Injection in .NET, Second Edition, discusses what DI is (and is not).

Building Your First Docker Application

By Ian Miell and Aidan Hobson Sayers

This article, adapted from chapter 1 of Docker in Practice, Second Edition, jumps in feet first and gets you started on making a simple application image with Docker. You will also explore some key Docker features like Dockerfiles, tagging an image for easy reference, and more.

Learning From the Past: data usability

By Tryggvi Björgvinsson

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by data, but it’s not always simple to interpret. Not only that, it’s also rather easy to mistakenly interpret data. This article, adapted from chapter 1, introduces the idea of “data usability” and goes into why it’s important in today’s data-rich world.

Slideshare: Get off the ground and running with Node.js

From Get Programming with Node.js


By Jonathan Wexler

Slideshare: Architecting a Blog Engine with the MEAN

From Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node, Second Edition


By Simon D. Holmes

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