Enums instead of Subclassing

By Tjeerd in ‘t Veen

In this article, we’re going to explore these limitations of modeling our data via subclassing in a real-world scenario and how to address those limitations with the help of enums.

Getting Started with Spring using Spring Initializr

By Craig Walls

Whether you’re developing a simple database-backed web application or constructing a modern application built around microservices, Spring is the framework that will help you achieve your goals. This article, adapted from chapter 1 of Spring in Action, Fifth Edition, is your first step in a journey through modern application development with Spring.

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Chapters selected by Brian Godsey

Slideshare: Displaying a Product on your Webstore with Vue.js


By Erik Hanchett with Benjamin Listwon

Slideshare: Getting Started with Scala


By Daniela Sfregola

Slideshare: Learn HTTP/2


By Barry Pollard

Slideshare: Building Amazing Voice UIs


By Dustin Coates

Slideshare: The Guide to Understanding Ethereum Đapps


By Roberto Infante

Slideshare: The Guide to Spring


By Craig Walls

Modular CSS

By Keith J. Grant

Just what is Modular CSS? Read this article and find out!

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