Getting Started with OpenShift

By Jamie Duncan and John Osborne

This article, excerpted from chapter 2 of OpenShift in Action, provides an introduction to OpenShift using the command line to deploy an application.

Slideshare: Become a successful Node Developer


By PJ Evans

Slideshare: Delve into Algorithms


By Beau Carnes

Slideshare: Say hello to Kafka


By Dylan Scott

Slideshare: Ruby for everyone!


By Joseph Leo and David A. Black

Mutable and Immutable Objects

By Ana Bell

This article, adapted from Get Programming: Learn to code with Python, discusses mutable and immutable objects in Python.

Slideshare: Professional Development with Angular

From Angular Development with TypeScript


By Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev

Slideshare: Swift in Depth: expanding your knowledge of Swift through real-world examples, tips, and tricks


Recurrent Neural Networks

By Nishant Shukla

To bestow neural networks with contextual cues, we’ll study an architecture called a recurrent neural network. Instead of natural language data, we’ll be dealing with continuous timeseries data, like stock-market prices. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to model the patterns in timeseries data to make predictions about future values.

Slideshare: A Fresh Approach to Learning Linux


By David Clinton

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