Meet the Clojure Standard Library

By Renzo Borgatti

This article has been excerpted from Clojure Standard Library.

Handling User Input with the Elm Architecture

By Richard Feldman

This article has been excerpted from Elm in Action.

Functional Programming in C#: Purity and Concurrency

By Enrico Buonanno

This article was excerpted from the book Functional Programming in C#.

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What is a domain model?

By Debasish Ghosh, author of Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling
The word domain means the area of interest in the business. The abstractions that you design, the behaviors that you implement, the UI interactions that you build, all reflect the business – together they constitute the model of the domain. In this article, we’ll talk abaout the domain model and the challenges of its complexity.

What is a domain model? (PDF)

Cross-Browser Implementation Strategies

By John Resig and Bear Bibeault
Coding for multiple browsers certainly is not a trivial task and one that must be balanced according to the development methodologies that you have in place, as well as the resources available to your project. In this article based on chapter 11 of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, the authors show you how to tackle crossbrowser issues the smart way.

Cross-Browser Implementation Strategies (PDF)

Abstracting URLs

By Wynn Netherland, Nathan Weizenbaum, and Chris Eppstein
The complexity of the web is not just limited to HTML markup. Due to their heavy reliance on external resources like images, other CSS files and fonts, stylesheets can become a serious maintenance burden. This article, based on chapter 7 of Sass and Compass in Action, explains how to use Compass helpers and configuration to generate URLs to your assets in a consistent way that lets you write the code once and then update your configuration as your asset serving needs change during the transition from prototype to production.

Abstracting URLs (PDF)

Recipe: Creating an Integration-Ready Ticketing System Shell

By Willie Wheeler, John Wheeler, and Joshua White
In an enterprise of any size, there may be multiple system monitoring tools, ticketing systems, and knowledge management systems. There are many reasons why the systems in an environment might be a big jumbled mess. Despite the difficulty, the need for systems integration is very much alive and well. In this article, based on chapter 13 of Spring in Practice, the authors show you how to implement a ticketing system in such a way that it’s easy to integrate it with other systems.

Recipe: Creating an Integration-Ready Ticketing System Shell (PDF)

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