Mutable and Immutable Objects

By Ana Bell

This article, adapted from Get Programming: Learn to code with Python, discusses mutable and immutable objects in Python.

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From Angular Development with TypeScript


By Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev

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Recurrent Neural Networks

By Nishant Shukla

To bestow neural networks with contextual cues, we’ll study an architecture called a recurrent neural network. Instead of natural language data, we’ll be dealing with continuous timeseries data, like stock-market prices. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to model the patterns in timeseries data to make predictions about future values.

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By David Clinton

Distilling Business Domains from a Ubiquitous Language

By Kamil Nicieja

A ubiquitous language has to be a language that grows out of blending technological expertise with business expertise in reasonable proportions. This article discusses how to ‘distill’ business domains from the ubiquitous language of a business or project.

Lists as Context: A deeper look at the Applicative Type Class

By Will Kurt

This article takes a deep look at the Applicative Type Class using the example of the List class.

The Building Blocks of Rust

By Tim McNamara

This article introduces you to the fundamentals of Rust programming, and we’ll be working through some of the language’s syntax.

This article is intended for programmers with experience in another programming language.

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From OpenShift in Action


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