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Delving into Nim

By Dominik Picheta

In this article you’ll learn the basics of Nim’s syntax. Learning the syntax is an important first step, as it teaches you the specific ways to write Nim code.

A First Example of Dependent Data Types

By Edwin Brady

In this article, you will learn about defining dependent data types and defining vectors with Idris.

Interpolated String Literals in C#

By Jon Skeet

This article gives a quick recap on string formatting in .NET before going into depth on using the new interpolated string literal feature of C# 6.

Getting Started with ASP.NET Core

By Andrew Lock

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Check Your Assumptions about Your Data!

By Brian Godsey

In this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of identifying and reviewing any assumptions you might have about the data you’re working with.

Exploring the memoize Function

By Renzo Borgatti

In this article we will explore some concrete examples of the many uses and intricacies of the memoize function from the Clojure standard library.

Free eBook: Agile Development for Serverless Platforms


Chapters selected by Danilo Poccia

Heating Up Observables

By Paul P. Daniels and Luis Atencio

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Utilizing Hyper-V Checkpoints for Software Upgrades

By Andy Syrewicze and Richard Siddaway

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Slideshare: Working with Dijkstra’s Algorithm


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