Applying AI to Existing Platforms

From AI as a Service by Peter Elger and Eóin Shanaghy

This article discusses how to add AI to existing platforms.


Automated JavaScript testing

From Testing JavaScript Applications by Lucas da Costa

AWS Automation with AWS CloudFormation

From AWS CloudFormation in Action by Chuck Gehman

The Ultimate Speed Reader

Why speed read this, you ask? Learn how AI can plow through an inbox at superhuman speeds. Let an AI summarize and help you focus. That’s what I need. [ed. This is my first joint blog post with Chris Mattmann,… Continue Reading →

OWASP API Security Top 10

From Microservices Security in Action by Prabath Siriwardena

This article explores the OWASP API top-ten list of API security vulnerabilities.

Refactor code like a pro

From Five Lines of Code by Christian Clausen

Take your C# skills to a new level

From Code like a Pro in C# by Jort Rodenburg

What is Functional Programming?

From Functional Programming in Kotlin by Marco Vermeulen

This article discusses what functional programming is (and is not), using Kotlin for examples.

Free eBook: Exploring Modern Fortran Basics


Chapters selected by Milan Curcic

Perspectives on Rust: A Discussion with Prabhu Eshwarla

Prabhu Eshwarla is a senior IT professional with over 26 years in the software engineering and services industry. He currently runs SudhanvaTech, a company focused on developing distributed systems software and cloud-native applications where he has used Rust professionally, and is passionate about helping others learn to use it. His book will be released in the spring of 2021.

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