The Shadow DOM

From Web Components in Action by Benjamin Farrell

This article covers:

• Component and Class Encapsulation
• How the Shadow DOM Protects Your Component’s DOM
• The Open and Closed Shadow DOM
• Shadow DOM Terminology: Shadow Root, Shadow Boundary, and Shadow Host
• Polyfilling With the Shady DOM

The Computer Vision Pipeline, Part 3: image preprocessing

From Grokking Deep Learning for Computer Vision by Mohamed Elgendy

In this part, we will delve into image preprocessing for computer vision systems.

Unlocking Blockchain

From Blockchain in Action by Bina Ramamurthy


The Data Scientist’s Survival Guide

From Build Your Career in Data Science by Emily Robinson and Jacqueline Nolis


Leveraging Java for Quantum Computing

From Quantum Computing for Java Developers by Johan Vos


Mastering Typed Programming

From Programming with Types by Vlad Riscutia


Demystifying Quantum Computing

From Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q# by Sarah C. Kaiser and Christopher E. Granade


Want to Learn Machine Learning Inside Out?

From Grokking Machine Learning by Luis G. Serrano


Fun & Games

Six Questions for Kevin Ferguson, co-author of Deep Learning and the Game of Go.

Kevin Ferguson and Max Pumperla are deep learning specialists skilled in distributed systems and data science. Together, they built the open source bot BetaGo. They also both count Max, the hero of the movie Pi, as a major influence. “He’s a talented mathematician who slowly loses his mind over the stock market and has an intense relationship with his power tools. That’s essentially my short bio,” says Pumperla.

Testing, Testing

Six Questions for Edd Yerburgh, author of Testing Vue.js Applications

By Frances Lefkowitz

Edd Yerburgh is a JavaScript developer and Vue core team member. He’s the main author of the Vue Test Utils library and is passionate about open source tooling for testing component-based applications. He’s currently working as a software engineer at the BBC in London

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