The Essential Guide to Elixir

Learn to build production-quality distributed applications and highly available server-side systems using Elixir. This new edition is fully updated with the latest versions and features of the language.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Java

This book shows you how to improve your Java code by identifying and dodging common programming problems. Inside, you’ll find one hundred errors, from missteps that trip up beginners to mistakes even Java experts don’t know they’re making.

Demand Forecasting Excellence

Master the demand forecasting skills you need to decide what resources to acquire, what products to produce, and where to distribute them.

The Essential Guide to Spring Security

Design and develop Spring applications that are secure from the start with Spring Security in Action, Second Edition by Laurentiu Spilca.

Getting Back into the C++ Groove

Build your skills with essential modern C++ features hands-on by completing eight interesting coding projects.

Better Software Development with Collaborative Modeling

Learn good practices, collaborative tools, and effective techniques for incorporating your key stakeholders into the software design process.

Regular Expressions and AI Coding Assistants

Learn how AI-assisted coding using ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot can dramatically increase your productivity using regular expressions.

So, You Want to Lead a Team of Devs…

Unlock your full potential as an effective, efficient, and inspiring leader, and be the software engineering manager that your team deserves!

Microservices and Serverless Development with Quarkus

Learn how to build resilient and scalable, cloud-native, enterprise Java applications using the Quarkus framework.

Learning to Start Companies

Discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of succeeding with a tech startup from nine-time company founder Jothy Rosenberg.

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