Building practical blockchain apps

From Programming Hyperledger Fabric by Siddharth Jain

Forecasting Churn Risk with Machine Learning, Part 1

From Fighting Churn with Data by Carl Gold

This article discusses using machine learning algorithms to forecast churn risks.

The guide to EF Core

From Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition by Jon P Smith

Writing and Managing Application Logs with Docker

From Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches by Elton Stoneman

Logging is usually the most boring part of learning a new technology, but it’s not the case with Docker. The basic principle is simple: you need to make sure your application logs are written to the standard output stream, because this is where Docker looks for them. This can be achieved in a couple of ways, which we’ll cover in this article, and then the fun begins.


Kubernetes skills
Python learning
Machine learning
Build a better web

Discovering Patching Vulnerabilities

From The Art of Network Penetration Testing by Royce Davis

This article delves into how attackers discover and exploit patching vulnerabilities.

Batch queries with Azure Data Lake Analytics

From Azure Data Engineering by Richard Nuckolls

This article discusses using Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) for batch queries.

Leverage cloud-based machine learning services

From Serverless Machine Learning in Action by Carl Osipov

Build your own streaming systems

From Grokking Streaming Systems by Josh Fischer and Ning Wang

Introducing the OpenAPI Specification

From Designing APIs with Swagger and OpenAPI by Josh Poenlat

This article covers:

  Informal vs Formal descriptions

  Learning about the OpenAPI specification

  Learning about YAML ( as a easier-to-write JSON )

  Describing our first GET operation

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