The Act of Writing Code

From The Programmer’s Brain by Felienne Hermans

When you program, there are a lot of different types of things that you might be doing. In this article we dive into these different activities that you perform as you program.

A Gentle Introduction to dbatools Commands

From Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches by Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell, Jess Pomfret, Cláudio Silva

In this article you’ll learn about a few commands and four of the common dbatools parameters: SqlInstance, SqlCredential, ComputerName and Credential.

Components of an Orchestrator

From Build an Orchestrator in Go by Tim Boring

This article covers

The evolution of application deployments
Classifying the components of an orchestration system

Persisting Application Data over Time

From The Well-Grounded Python Developer by Doug Farrell

This article, excerpted from chapter 10, covers

§ Persisting Data

§ Database Systems

§ Database Structures

§ Modeling Data with SQLAlchemy

Implementing an Event-Based Collaboration using HTTP

From Microservices in .NET, 2nd Edition by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard

Let’s talk about event-based collaboration. This is an important aspect of how microservices interact with each other.

Preparing to Work with Date/Time Information

From Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs by Tomasz Lelek and Jon Skeet This article discusses the surprisingly tricky task of dealing with time and dates in your application. Take 40% off Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs by entering fcclelek into the discount… Continue Reading →

Adding Search to a Jamstack Site

From The Jamstack Book by Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

Let’s learn how to add search functionality to a Jamstack site!

Criteria-Based Deletion

From API Design Patterns by JJ Geewax

This article covers…

How the custom Purge method can be used to delete matching resources
Why the custom Purge method is dangerous and should be avoided if possible
A variety of safety precautions to avoid accidentally deleting more data than intended

How to address concerns about consistency in the matching result set

Free eBook: Exploring a Data Science Career

Exploring a Data Science Career is a free eBook with chapters selected by Emily Robinson and Jacqueline Nolis.

Free eBook: Exploring Functional Programming

Exploring Functional Programming is a free eBook with chapters selected by Eric Normand .

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