Putting the Sec in DevSecOps

From the Application Security Program Handbook by Derek Fisher

This article discusses where security fits into the DevOps process along with some common approaches.

Read it if you want to learn more about baking security into DevOps.

PowerShell: not just for Windows anymore

From Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, 4th Edition by Travis Plunk, James Petty, Tyler Leonhardt, Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks

Choosing Tests for Infrastructure

An excerpt from Patterns and Practices for Infrastructure as Code

By Rosemary Wang

This article discusses testing strategies for infrastructure.

Read it if you’re a sysadmin or software engineer familiar with Python, the basics of provisioning tools like Terraform, and public cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform that wants to learn more about how to test infrastructure.

The Robot Software Stack

An excerpt from Robotics for Software Engineers by Andreas Bihlmaier

This article shows what a typical robot’s software stack looks like.

Read this if you are a software developer who is interested in learning more about robotics.

The Principles of the Data Mesh Architecture

An excerpt from Data Mesh in Action by Jacek Majchrzak, Sven Balnojan, and Marian Siwiak

This excerpt explores the four principles of the Data Mesh as a concept.

Read this article if you are interested in learning what a Data Mesh is and how it is used.

Concurrency vs Parallelism

An excerpt from Grokking Concurrency by Kirill Bobrov

This article talks about the differences between the concepts of concurrency and parallelism and why it’s important to know what each is.

Building Dynamic Surveys

From Hugo in Action by Atishay Jain

In this article we show how the data driven nature of Hugo coupled with the dynamic form providers of the Jamstack make a powerful combination.

The Cryptographer’s Toolbox

From Secret Key Cryptography by Frank Rubin

This article covers:

·  The rating system used for ciphers

·  Substitution ciphers

·  Transposition ciphers

·  Fractionation, breaking letters into smaller units

·  Pseudorandom number generators

Data Frames in Pandas

From Pandas Workout by Reuven Lerner

This article discusses using Data Frames in Pandas.

Leveraging Templates to Make Reusable Components

An excerpt from Blazor in Action by Chris Sainty

This article covers

§   Using templates to define specific regions of UI

§   Enhancing templates with generics

Read it if you’re a full-stack C# and .NET web developer who wants to learn more about Blazor.

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