Slideshare: Develop Superior Machine Learning Algorithms


From Graph-Powered Machine Learning
By Alessandro Negro

Slideshare: The Hands-on Guide to ÐApps


From Ethereum ÐApps in Motion
By Julien Klepatch

Slideshare: Deep Learning with TensorFlow.js


From Deep Learning with JavaScript
By Shanqing Cai, Stanley Bileschi, Eric D. Nielsen with Francois Chollet

Slideshare: How Can You Benefit from Deep Learning?


From Deep Learning Crash Course
By Oliver Zeigermann

Slideshare: Build Reactive JVM Apps


From Vert.x in Action
By Julien Ponge

Interview: Voice First

Six questions for Dustin Coates, author of Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant

Interview conducted by Frances Lefkowitz, Development Editor, Manning Publications

Dustin A. Coates is a web developer who has been programming for and writing about voice-first devices since the Alexa Skills Kit was first released. He shares his knowledge online at He’s a Google Developers Expert for Assistant, and is Voice Search Go-To-Market Lead at Algolia.

Interview: From web dev to mobile dev, overnight

Six Questions for Eric Windmill, author of Flutter in Action

By Frances Lefkowitz, Development Editor, Manning Publications

Eric Windmill is a Dart developer at AppTree, a PaaS company in Portland, Oregon. He writes frequently about his favorite programming technologies, including Flutter, an SDK from Google for building cross-platform mobile apps with Dart. You can find his articles at Flutter By Example, CSS Tricks, and He also has his Sommelier certification and has worked in bourbon distilleries in his home state of Kentucky.

Analyzing Stock Price Time Series with Fortran Arrays, Part 2

From Modern Fortran by Milan Curcic

Retrying a Function or an Effect

From The Joy of Kotlin by Pierre-Yves Saumont

This article discusses retying functions in Kotlin.

Improving Responsiveness with Concurrency

From C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition by Anthony Williams

This article talks about how you can improve the responsiveness by separating concerns with concurrency.

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