Everything You Need to Know about React Context in 2022, part1

An excerpt from React Quickly, 2nd Edition by Morten Barklund

This excerpt explores using React Context.

Read it if you’re a React developer or want to learn more about React.

Using Multiple Dispatch in Julia

An excerpt from Julia for Data Analysis by Bogumil Kaminski

This article shows you how to use Multiple Dispatch in Julia.

Read it if you’re a data scientist or anyone who works with lots of data, and if you’re interested in the Julia language.

A Deep Learning System from an Engineer’s Perspective

From Engineering Deep Learning Systems by Chi Wang and Donald Szeto

This article presents what prospective readers can expect to learn from this book and why you should learn it.

Read it if you’re a software developer interested in transitioning your skills to the field of deep learning system design or an engineering-minded data scientist who want to build more effective delivery pipelines.

Keeping Up with AWS

An interview with the authors of Amazon Web Service in Action, Third Edition Brothers Michael and Andreas Wittig were practicing DevOps before DevOps was a thing. Here Andreas talks about keeping up with AWS changes, creating a freelance career, and… Continue Reading →

Robust Machine Learning with ML Pipelines

From Data Analysis with Python and PySpark by Jonathan Rioux

This chapter covers using transformer and estimators to prepare data into ML features.

Types of Robots

An excerpt from Robotics for Software Engineers by Andreas Bihlmaier

This article talks about various common types of robots.

Read this if you are a software developer who is interested in learning more about robotics.

Patterns for Infrastructure Dependencies

An excerpt from Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices

By Rosemary Wang

This article discusses how to apply dependency injection to infrastructure to isolate and minimize resource dependencies.

Read it if you’re a sysadmin or software engineer familiar with Python, the basics of provisioning tools like Terraform, and public cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform that wants to get a better grasp on DI for infrastructure.

Why Should You Program with Julia?

An excerpt from Julia as a Second Language by Erik Engheim

This article covers:

What type of problems Julia solves.
The limits of statically-typed languages.
Why the world needs a fast dynamically-typed language.
How Julia increases programmer productivity.

Read it if you’re interested in the Julia language and its strengths and weaknesses.

What Is a Data Mesh and What Is It Used for?

An excerpt from Data Mesh in Action by Jacek Majchrzak, Sven Balnojan, and Marian Siwiak

This excerpt covers

●      What is a “Data Mesh”? Our definition of a Data Mesh

●      What are the key concepts of the Data Mesh paradigm?

●      What are the advantages of the Data Mesh?

What is a (Python) Package, Anyway?

An excerpt from Publishing Python Packages by Dane Hillard

This article delves into what packages are exactly.

Read it if you want to learn more about Python packages.

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