Free eBook: Object Storage Across the Cloud: AWS, Azure, and GCP


Chapters selected by J.T. Wolohan

Server-Rendered Web Apps with React and Next.js

From Next.js in Action by Adam Boduch

Mastering Unit Testing

From The Art of Unit Testing, Third Edition by Roy Osherove

Performance Limits and Profiling

From Parallel and High Performance Computing by Robert Robey

This article discusses benchmarking: bandwidth and flops.

On this day 02/18 On this day… Nasir al-Din al-Tusi Born February 18th 1201 Nasir al-Din Tusi was born today in 1201 in the city of Tus, Khorasan, in what is modern-day Iran. A polymath, architect, philosopher, physician, scientist, and theologian, Tusi is… Continue Reading →

Software Installation Simplified with Docker

From Docker in Action, Second Edition by Jeff Nickoloff and Stephen Kuenzli

This article tells you how Docker can help you simplify software installation.

Free eBook: Exploring Deep Learning for Search


Chapters selected by Tommaso Teofili

Free eBook: Exploring Serverless Applications with Node.js


Chapters selected by Slobodan Stojanović ́ and Aleksandar Simović ́

Making Better Unit Tests, Part 2: naming unit tests

From Unit Testing, Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Vladimir Khorikov

Take the Pain out of Managing Serverless Apps

From Knative in Action by Jacques Chester

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