Deploying Machine Learning Models, Part 3: managing dependencies

From Machine Learning Bookcamp by Alexey Grigorev In this series, we cover model deployment: the process of putting models to use. In particular, we’ll see how to package a model inside a web service, allowing other services to use it…. Continue Reading →

Automating Privacy by Design, Part 2

From Privacy by Design by Nishant Bhajaria This article series explores incorporating privacy into your design from the beginning using automation. Take 40% off Privacy by Design by entering fccbhajaria into the discount code box at checkout at Why… Continue Reading →

Free eBook: Exploring Productivity Tools

Learn about productivity tools in this free eBook with chapters selected by Felienne Hermans

Setting Limits on Experimentation

This article talks about the need to carefully plan a machine learning project—before you start it!

Free eBook – HTML 5 in Action HTML 5 in Action Don’t miss out! Offer ends June 20, 2021. Only available to new email subscribers. $31.99 FREE! Get your free eBook! “The go-to guide for all things HTML5.” – Tyson Maxwell, RaytheonHTML5 in Action provides a… Continue Reading →

Fitting Your Architecture to Your Team Structure

This article shows ways to synch your architecture to your team composition for a new project, and how to start planning your project.

Refactoring to Microservices

Let’s discuss how to refactor an existing monolith to microservices.

What is Purity?

After reading this article, you will be able to:

– Differentiate between pure and impure functions
– Provide code examples in which impure functions cause unpredicted code behavior.

Getting Started with Actix

From Rust Servers, Services, and Apps by Prabhu Eshwarla This article shows you how you can get started using Actix and Rust. Take 40% off Rust Servers, Services, and Apps by entering fcceshwarla into the discount code box at checkout… Continue Reading →

Basic Probability and Statistical Analysis Using SciPy

From DataScience Bookcamp by Leonard Apeltsin This article covers: •   Analysis of Binomials using the SciPy library. Take 40% off Data Science Bookcamp by entering fccapeltsin into the discount code box at checkout at Statistics is a branch of… Continue Reading →

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