An Introduction to Working with BERT in Practice

From Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing by Stephan Raaijmakers

This article introduces you to working with BERT.

Classloaders and Reflection

From The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition by Benjamin Evans, Jason Clark, and Martijn Verburg

This article discusses classloaders and reflection in Java.

Monads as Practical Functionality Providers

From Haskell in Depth by Vitaly Bragilevsky

In this article we’ll discuss a few ways that you can use monads to simplify code.

Add and Remove Custom Methods

From API Design Patterns by JJ Geewax

This article covers:

How to manage many-to-many relationships implicitly, without an additional association resource.
The benefits and drawbacks of implicit rather than explicit association
How to use custom methods to associate resources together

Handling issues with data integrity of associated resources

Updating Our Data Thread Safely

From Rust Web Development by Bastian Gruber

This article discusses how to update our data thread in Rust safely.

Data Inventory: what it is and why you need it 

From Privacy Engineering by Nishant Bhajaria

The term “Data Inventory” is ill-defined and this article aims to create a definition which is intuitive and actionable.

From Machine Learning to Automated Machine Learning

From Automated Machine Learning in Action by Qingquan Song, Haifeng Jin, and Xia Hu

This article covers

•   Defining and introducing the fundamental concepts of machine learning

•   Describing the motivation for and high-level concepts of automated machine learning

Parts of the Python Build System

From Publishing Python Packages by Dane Hillard This article covers the pieces of the Python build system itself, so you can learn how packages are built from scratch. Take 35% off Publishing Python Packages by entering fcchillard2 into the discount… Continue Reading →

Abstracting Computations with Type Classes

From Haskell in Depth by Vitaly Bragilevsky

In this article we’ll discuss several type classes that originated in mathematics (mainly abstract algebra and category theory).

Svelte REPL, Part 2

From Svelte and Sapper in Action by Mark Volkmann

This article delves into the Svelte REPL.

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