Sentence Classification in NLP

From Real-World Natural Language Processing by Masato Hagiwara

In this article, we’re going to study the task of sentence classification, where an NLP model receives a sentence and assigns some label to it.

The Subtleties of Good Voice UI Design

From Voice-First Development by Ann Thyme-Gobbel

This article delves into capturing and documenting voice UI design.

What is a Unit Test? Part 2: classical vs. London schools

From Unit Testing by Vladimir Khorikov

This part covers:

• The two schools of unit testing: classical and London

• The differences between unit, integration, and end-to-end tests

JUnit 5 Architecture

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Catalin Tudose

This article dives into JUnit 5’s architecture.

The Lifecycle of a Terraform Resource

From Terraform in Action by Scott Winkler This article discusses the lifecycle of a terraform resource. Take 37% off Terraform in Action by entering fccwinkler into the discount code box at checkout at Process Overview Imagine you’re a resource… Continue Reading →

Spatial Reference Systems

From PostGIS in Action, Third Edition by Regina O. Obe and Leo S. Hsu

This article discusses some common spatial reference systems relevant for GIS.

Consuming records with Spark

From Spark in Action, Second Edition by Jean Georges Perrin

This article explores consuming records in files with Spark.

What are Pulsar Functions?

From Pulsar in Action by David Kjerrumgaard

This article gives an intro into Pulsar Functions: what they are and what they do.

Threading with Web Workers

From WebAssembly in Action by C. Gerard Gallant

This article covers:

§ Using a web worker to fetch and compile a WebAssembly module

§ Instantiating a WebAssembly module on behalf of Emscripten’s JavaScript code

Building an App for the Farmer’s Market

From Flutter in Action by Eric Windmill

Learn a bit about using Flutter by learning about routing in a Farmer’s Market application.

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