Supercharge Your Coding Toolbox with Generative AI Tools

The AI-Powered Developer empowers you to transition from a beginner to a proficient developer in utilizing AI-powered coding tools. Whether you’re developing internal corporate tools or public-facing applications, this book equips you with the knowledge and skills to fully leverage the capabilities of AI models, ensuring that you can bring your envisioned applications to life. Prepare yourself for the future of software development by embracing AI and its potential.

Leveraging DevOps Automation Processes to API Development

Automating API Delivery offers practical guidance for making an APIOps transformation, including process improvement methods.

Succeeding as a Lead Developer

The Lead Developer Career Guide teaches you how to go from individual contributor to successful lead developer.

The Art of Telling Stories with Data

Data Storytelling with Python Altair and Generative AI teaches you how to turn raw data into effective, insightful data stories.

Cultivating CSS, Crucial Skills for Web Developers

CSS in Depth, Second Edition deep dives into the CSS techniques used by the world’s most skilled web developers.

Road to Kubernetes—The Ultimate Guide to Successful Deployment

From Road to Kubernetes by Justin Mitchel Deploying software can be a complex and challenging process, and the rise of technologies like Kubernetes has added another layer of complexity. Many developers perceive Kubernetes as too complicated for their deployment needs…. Continue Reading →

Creative Coding, Making Python Fun

From Twisted Python Projects by Daniel Aldred Imagine a world where learning Python and Guizero is not only exciting but also loaded with twisted, fun-filled projects. Welcome to Twisted Python Projects, a book designed to take you on an engaging… Continue Reading →

Empowering Success in Data Analytics

From Think Like a Data Analyst by Mona Khalil Welcome to the world of analytics, where data holds the key to unlocking valuable insights and driving informed decisions. Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist, a seasoned analyst, or someone looking… Continue Reading →

Harness the Power of AI in Fraud Detection

From Fight Fraud with Machine Learning by Ashish Ranjan Jha Step into the age of AI-powered fraud detection with Fight Fraud with Machine Learning, where every challenge is an opportunity to innovate. This comprehensive guide seamlessly blends theory with hands-on… Continue Reading →

Mastering Algorithmic Challenges

From Grokking Algorithms, Second Edition by Aditya Y Bhargava Have you ever wondered about the magic that powers your favorite search engine or the algorithm that guides your GPS to the fastest route? Well, Grokking Algorithms, Second Edition demystifies this… Continue Reading →

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