10 Ways that Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning is Used Today

From Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning by Robert Munro

Getting to Know dbatools

From Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches by Chrissy LeMaire and Rob Sewell

Interested in dbatools?

Here’s a quick introduction to some dbatools commands and common dbatools parameters.

Working with Files in Python

From Python Workout by Reuven Lerner

This article delves into working with files of varying types, in Python.

Provisioning the Autoscaling Group

From Terraform in Action by Scott Winkler

This article discusses the lifecycle of a terraform resource.

Dynamic Linking: a crash course

From WebAssembly in Action by C. Gerard Gallant

This article covers

§ How dynamic linking works for WebAssembly modules

§ Why you might want to use dynamic linking and why you might not

§ How to create WebAssembly modules as main or side modules

§ What the different options are for dynamic linking and how to use each approach


Hash functions and security

From Real-World Cryptography by David Wong This article explores hash functions: what they are and how they are used to increase software security. Take 37% off Real-World Cryptography. Just enter fccwong into the discount code box at checkout at…. Continue Reading →

Performance Limits and Profiling

From Parallel and High Performance Computing by Robert Robey

This article discusses benchmarking: bandwidth and flops.

Software Installation Simplified with Docker

From Docker in Action, Second Edition by Jeff Nickoloff and Stephen Kuenzli

This article tells you how Docker can help you simplify software installation.

Making Better Unit Tests, Part 2: naming unit tests

From Unit Testing, Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Vladimir Khorikov

Newly-Introduced JUnit 5 Annotations and Classes

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Catalin Tudose

This article discusses some of the most important new additions in Junit 5.


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