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Using the Spring Web Scopes, Part 1

From Spring Start Here by Laurențiu Spilcă

This article covers

Using the Spring web scopes
Implementing a simple login functionality for a web app
Redirecting from one page to another in a web app

Before You Model: planning and scoping

From Machine Learning Engineering in Action by Ben Wilson

Before we get into how successful planning phases for ML projects are undertaken, let’s go through a simulation of the genesis of a typical project at a company that doesn’t have an established or proven process for initiating ML work.

Multitask Learning

From Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing by Stephan Raaijmakers

This article covers multitask learning for NLP.

Machine Learning as a Pipeline

From Deep Learning Patterns and Practices by Andrew Ferlitsch

Like the best software engineering, modern deep learning uses a pipeline architecture based on reusable patterns.

Building a Simple Web Server in Node.js

This article has been adapted from lesson 4 of Get Programming with Node.js and covers:

Generating a basic web server using Node.js and npm
Writing code that processes requests from a browser and sends back a response
Running a web server in your browser

Fine-Tuning a Pre-Trained ResNet-50

From Transfer Learning in Action Dipanjan Sarkar and Raghav Bali

This article delves into tuning up a pre-trained ResNet-50 with one-cycle learning rate.

Svelte REPL, Part 1

From Svelte and Sapper in Action by Mark Volkmann

This article delves into the Svelte REPL.

Identifying Privacy Risks through Asset Management, Governance, and Risk Management

In order to identify privacy risks, you will want to look at your infrastructure and systems as individual units as well as how they interact collectively. Just as engineers need to perform unit testing and integration testing prior to code deployment, privacy engineers need to look at the entire business through a similar inside-out lens.

Image Classification with Transfer Learning

From Transfer Learning in Action Dipanjan Sarkar and Raghav Bali

This article discusses classifying images using transfer learning.

How Does Implicit Flow Work? Part 2

From OpenID Connect in Action by Prabath Siriwardena

In this part, we’ll take you through how the authorization code flow works with a SPA in detail.

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