Learn the Math You Need for Today’s Hottest Careers!

From Math for Programmers by Paul Orland


Holistic Problem Solving

Six Questions for Yan Cui, instructor of Production-Ready Serverless 

By Frances Lefkowitz, Development Editor, Manning Publications

Bio: Yan Cui has worked with AWS for almost a decade, and has contributed his knowledge of production AWS Lamda to the Well-Architected whitepaper published by AWS. Based in London, he travels all over the world giving talks and workshops on serverless. This year he has presented in Copenhagen, Milan, Las Vegas, Portland, Tel Aviv, Krakow, and many more. His blog on The Burning Monk covers his favorite topics, including AWS, serverless, functional programming and chaos engineering.

What can Machine Learning do for your Business?


From Machine Learning for Business by Doug Hudgeon, and Richard Nichol

Distilling Business Domains from a Ubiquitous Language

From Writing Great Specifications by Kamil Nicieja

A ubiquitous language has to be a language that grows out of blending technological expertise with business expertise in reasonable proportions. This article discusses how to ‘distill’ business domains from the ubiquitous language of a business or project.

Increase the Flow of Information Between Stakeholders

From Writing Great Specifications

By Kamil Nicieja

Writing Your First Gherkin Scenario

From Writing Great Specifications by Kamil Nicieja

This article dives head-first into writing specifications using Specification by Example and Gherkin.

How a Router Routes IP Packets between Broadcast Domains

From Learn Cisco Network Administration in a Month of Lunches
How a router routes IP packets between broadcast domains

How the Address Resolution (ARP) Protocol Resolves an IP Address to a MAC Address

From Learn Cisco Network Administration in a Month of Lunches
How Address Resolution (ARP) protocol resolves an IP address to a MAC address

Visualizing Workflows with WIP

From Kanban in Action
With a visualized workflow with WIP limits in action we will get some help in deciding what is the next good thing to work on. The animation has a few examples that help the team to know what to do.

Stop Starting and Start Finishing!

From Kanban in Action
WIP limits will help us to focus on stop starting and start finishing. Notice how the limit warns us when it's exceeded - this is a trigger for a discussion; 'What can we do to improve flow?'

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