Cloud Computing

Leveraging DevOps Automation Processes to API Development

Automating API Delivery offers practical guidance for making an APIOps transformation, including process improvement methods.

Road to Kubernetes—The Ultimate Guide to Successful Deployment

From Road to Kubernetes by Justin Mitchel Deploying software can be a complex and challenging process, and the rise of technologies like Kubernetes has added another layer of complexity. Many developers perceive Kubernetes as too complicated for their deployment needs…. Continue Reading →

The Essential Guide to Spring Security

Design and develop Spring applications that are secure from the start with Spring Security in Action, Second Edition by Laurentiu Spilca.

Microservices and Serverless Development with Quarkus

Learn how to build resilient and scalable, cloud-native, enterprise Java applications using the Quarkus framework.

Podman: the next generation of container engines is here

This book, written by the leader of the Red Hat team that created Podman, teaches readers how to use Podman: a next-generation container engine that is easier to use and provides superior security over Docker and other container engines.

Proactive Security: leveraging Azure Security Services

This excerpt covers cybersecurity as an infinite game, the shared responsibility model, Azure security services, the threat landscape, cloud security challenges, the Zero Trust security model, and the defense in depth concept.

Learn to Build a Microservices App Today!

This book jumps right into building microservices, giving you just enough knowledge to build, while not getting mired in theory.

Free eBook: Principles of Cloud Design


Chapters selected by David Clinton

Data Analytics on Azure

From Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics
By Richard L. Nuckolls

Armoring Lambda for Production

From Production-Ready Serverless by Yan Cui

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