Cloud Computing

It’s Time to Go Serverless


From Serverless Applications with AWS
By Marcia Villalba

Operational Best Practices in AWS Lambda


From Production-Ready Serverless
By Yan Cui

Learning to Work with AWS

From AWS in Motion
By Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig

Azure Web Apps: the first steps

From Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches by Iain Foulds

This article, adapted from chapter three of Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, takes a look at an Azure Web App in action. This requires a couple of parts. First, we create the basic Web App and see the default site in our browser. Then we use a sample web page from GitHub and push that to Azure.

Streamlining Serverless Deployments

From Serverless Applications with Node.js

By Slobodan Stojanović and Aleksandar Simović

Learning Azure’s Core Concepts


From Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

By Iain Foulds


Automate your Cloud Infrastructure with AWS


From Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition

By Michael Wittig and Andreas Wittig

Apps Can Be More Stable than the Infrastructure They Run on

From Cloud Native


Elasticity and Scalability: staying ahead of customer demand


From Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches

By David Clinton

What is EC2 and What Does it Do?

From Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches by David Clinton

Have you been wondering what EC2 is, what it does, and what you can do with it? This article lays it all out for you!

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