From Django in Action by Christopher Trudeau

Learn to leverage the powerful Django web application framework to create dynamic websites in Python

Discover the power of Django, the Python-based web application framework, and revolutionize your web development skills with our comprehensive book. Django empowers programmers to create dynamic websites by providing comprehensive tools, including URL routing, database interaction, templating techniques, user management, and more.


Figure 1 Django handling a page visit


As a mainstay in web coding, the Django framework has been trusted by industry giants like Netflix, Dropbox, Reddit, YouTube, and Spotify for over 20 years. It simplifies web development by handling common requirements, such as database interaction and user management, allowing developers to focus on the unique aspects of their site.

In Django in Action, readers will master essential skills, including writing views to handle page visits, leveraging Django’s templating system for reusable and composable HTML, utilizing the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) to interact with databases using Python, building multi-user websites with authentication and authorization, and handling user-generated content.

By the end of Django in Action, readers will be able to build sophisticated multi-user websites, effectively manage data through the ORM, create flexible and reusable templates, handle user input and file uploads, and customize the Django Admin tool to suit their backend site.

Python’s popularity and Django’s active development make this the perfect time to delve into this powerful framework. Empower your web development journey and join the ranks of successful developers leveraging Django to create robust and dynamic websites.


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