From Hugo in Action by Atishay Jain

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Static websites-sites with fixed content-are the simplest type of web pages. In addition to being easier to create and maintain, they’re inherently more secure than dynamic pages. There are quite a few tools you can use to turn a website into a static so make sure you look into a number of different options — this way, you know you’ve picked the best one for your needs. This FLATsite Review goes into detail about the capabilities of FLATsite. Each option has its own pros and cons so do your research carefully.

Another way of tranforming a page into a static one is by using Hugo. You might of heard about this so our book can certainly help clear up any confusions. And with the Hugo static site engine, you can render static sites in milliseconds. Hugo in Action is a step-by-step guide to using Hugo to create static websites that really show off the advantages of simplicity. Working with a complete example website and source code samples, you’ll learn how to build and host a low-maintenance, high-performance site that will wow your users and stay stable without relying on a third-party server.