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Ask Dr. Chong: become a leader in data science part 1

In case you missed it, here is Jike Chong and Yue Cathy Chang’s live Twitch coding stream recap. For more, check out the book: How to Lead in Data Science. For more live coding streams, subscribe to Manning’s Twitch channel… Continue Reading →

Basic Probability and Statistical Analysis Using SciPy

From DataScience Bookcamp by Leonard Apeltsin This article covers: •   Analysis of Binomials using the SciPy library. Take 40% off Data Science Bookcamp by entering fccapeltsin into the discount code box at checkout at Statistics is a branch of… Continue Reading →

Rapid Data-Driven Sales Maximization and Churn Reduction

In this extensive coding session, Carl Gold–chief data scientist at Zuora Inc.–explains why fighting churn is all about targeted interventions.

NLP Analysis of Large Text Datasets: conducted by Dr. Leonard Apeltsin

In this video, Dr. Leonard Apelstin demonstrates xClustering Large Text Datasets in Python.

Evolutionary Algorithms: genetic algorithms

From Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms by Rishal Hurbans

What you’ll learn in this article:

§ The lifecycle of a genetic algorithm.

§ Designing and developing a genetic algorithm to solve problems.

§ The parameters for configuring a genetic algorithm lifecycle based on different scenarios, problems, and data sets.

Exploring AI Algorithms

From Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms by Rishal Hurbans

Improve Your Data Science Skills

From Data Science Bookcamp by Leonard Apeltsin

Data Science and Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Six Questions for Jesse C. Daniel, author of Data Science with Python and Dask

Jesse Daniel is a software developer (Python, Scala, JavaScript, C#) who leads a team of data scientists at a media technology company. He has taught Python for Data Science at the University of Denver.

Applied Natural Language Processing

From Real-World Natural Language Processing by Masato Hagiwara


A New Approach to Deep Learning

From Probabilistic Deep Learning with Python by Oliver Dürr, Beate Sick, and Elvis Murina


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