Slideshare: Using Apache Spark with Java


By Jean Georges Perrin

Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift: Tic-Tac-Toe

By David Kopec

This article will teach you how to use the minimax algorithm to create a Tic-Tac-Toe AI that plays the game flawlessly.

Deep learning and the Game of Go: Playing Games with Tree Search

By Max Pumperla and Kevin Ferguson

This article, from Deep Learning and the Game of Go, discusses tree search algorithms and their relevance to various types of games.

Slideshare: Machine Learning for All!


Slideshare: Introducing SQL

From SQL in Motion


By Ben Brumm

What does Deep Learning Contribute to Search

By Tommaso Teofili

If you’ve ever worked on designing, implementing or configuring a search engine, you’ve faced the problem of having a solution that adapts to your data; deep learning helps provide solutions to these problems which are accurately based on the data, not on fixed rules or algorithms.

Slideshare: Getting up and running with Spark


By Jason Kolter

Slideshare: Build Your Own Go

From Playing Machine With Deep Learning and the Game of Go


By Max Pumperla and Kevin Ferguson

Slideshare: Deep Learning for R Users


By François Chollet with J. J. Allaire

Managing Quality

By Tryggvi Björgvinsson

This article discusses quality management in terms of data and data projects. When you know what your users need or want, you’ll have to manage those expectations somehow, but how do you manage quality? It turns out that you approach it similarly to how you would try to properly answer a question.

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