Sentence Classification in NLP

From Real-World Natural Language Processing by Masato Hagiwara

In this article, we’re going to study the task of sentence classification, where an NLP model receives a sentence and assigns some label to it.

Where do People Fit Best into the Machine Learning Loop?

From Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning by Robert Munro.

Spatial Reference Systems

From PostGIS in Action, Third Edition by Regina O. Obe and Leo S. Hsu

This article discusses some common spatial reference systems relevant for GIS.

Consuming records with Spark

From Spark in Action, Second Edition by Jean Georges Perrin

This article explores consuming records in files with Spark.

Exploring AI Algorithms

From Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms by Rishal Hurbans

Understanding Machine Learning

From How Machine Learning Works by Mostafa Samir Abd El-Fattah

Improve Your Data Science Skills

From Data Science Bookcamp by Leonard Apeltsin

Solving Real-World Geodata Problems

From PostGIS in Action, Third Edition by Leo S. Hsu and Regina O. Obe

What can R do for you?

From R in Action by Robert I. Kabacoff

How to manage a successful AI project

From Succeeding with AI by Veljko Krunic

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