Saving Europe with Projectional DSLs

An Interview with Meinte Boersma, author of Domain-Specific Languages Made Easy.

Genetic algorithms: Biologically inspired, fast-converging optimization

Take 40% off Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures by entering fcclarocca into the discount code box at checkout at This article covers Introducing the genetic algorithm Examining whether genetic algorithms are better than simulated annealing Solving the “Packing to… Continue Reading →

Free eBook: Exploring Productivity Tools

Learn about productivity tools in this free eBook with chapters selected by Felienne Hermans

Getting Started with Actix

From Rust Servers, Services, and Apps by Prabhu Eshwarla This article shows you how you can get started using Actix and Rust. Take 40% off Rust Servers, Services, and Apps by entering fcceshwarla into the discount code box at checkout… Continue Reading →

Basic Probability and Statistical Analysis Using SciPy

From DataScience Bookcamp by Leonard Apeltsin This article covers: •   Analysis of Binomials using the SciPy library. Take 40% off Data Science Bookcamp by entering fccapeltsin into the discount code box at checkout at Statistics is a branch of… Continue Reading →

Automating Privacy by Design, Part 1

This article series explores incorporating privacy into your design from the beginning using automation.

Feature Mapping: a smooth path from collaboration to high quality executable specifications

In this video, we join John Ferguson Smart and take a fast track journey from stories to acceptance criteria.

What is the Jamstack and What Can It Do for You?

The Jamstack is more of an architecture or methodology for building web applications than a prescriptive stack of technologies. Jamstack was formed in response to dynamic web page development that many felt had become cumbersome, slow and insecure. The Jamstack architecture offers a number of benefits including page speed, security and cost.

Generating Code with Template Functions

From Domain-Specific Languages Made Easy by Meinte Boersma This article shows you how to use modern JavaScript in a smart way to comfortably implement templates for text/code generation, instead of using a template engine. The following article is a standalone… Continue Reading →

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