Better Software Development with Collaborative Modeling

Learn good practices, collaborative tools, and effective techniques for incorporating your key stakeholders into the software design process.

Learning C# by Doing Tiny Projects

With Tiny C# Projects by Denis Panjuta and Jafar Jabbarzadeh

Want to learn C#? There’s no better way to learn than by practical application. This book teaches C# via fun, real-world projects. You’ll be writing C# in no time!

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Teaching Kids Coding with Python Projects

With Let’s Talk Python by Pavel Anni

Is your kid (or grandkid/niece/nephew/etc.) interested in coding? Do you want to help them learn (and learn a bit yourself)? This book will help you do it!

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The Guide to Go

From Go in Action, Second Edition by William Kennedy and Andrew Walker

This book will help you master Go language fundamentals, learn how to structure Go projects effectively, and deliver high-performance code using Go’s powerful concurrency model.

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The Creative Road Ahead

From The Creative Programmer by Wouter Groeneveld

Creativity is essential to being a successful programmer. The stories, examples, and groundbreaking research in this book will help you unleash your creative potential and make you a more successful developer.

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Rediscover the Joy in Coding: learn F#!

From F# in Action by Isaac Abraham

Are you a software developer who is interested in F# and what it can do? If so, this book is for you!

This article details what F# is, how it works, and what this book will teach you about using it.

Learn the Theory behind Microservice-Based Systems by Using Them in Practice

An excerpt from the Tao of Microservices, Second Edition by Richard Rodger

If you want to really climb inside the microservice architecture and learn how it works, you have to use it in practice. This updated edition will teach you the theory underlying microservice-based systems by having you use them in practice.

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C++ for Anyone and Everyone

With Learning C++ by Ruth Haephrati and Michael Haephrati

C++ has been one of the top programming languages for 30 years and it’s not slowing down. It’s never a bad time to learn it, and this book will help you do just that—even if you don’t have any programming or computer science experience.

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What Is a CTO and What Does a CTO Do?

From Think like a CTO by Alan Williamson

If you aspire to be a CTO or are working as one, this book is for you. The CTO position is not well defined and this book will help you prepare for or carry out work as a CTO. It will also help you (the CEO, CFO, or COO) decide what sort of professional you want to hire as a CTO and what their job should be.

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A Project-Based Handbook for Learning Haskell

An excerpt from Haskell Bookcamp by Phillip Hagenlocher

If you’re interested in learning Haskell and are looking for a place to start, this is the book for you.

Haskell has a reputation for being overly academic and hard to learn, but the truth is that it’s not as much of a bear as people think. You just need the right guide.

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