Slideshare: Real-World Apps with Fortran


Mental Model Graphic: OpenShift workflows and core components

From OpenShift in Action

By Jamie Duncan and John Osborne

Dipping Your Toes into Elixir

By Saša Jurić

This article gives a short overview of Erlang and then delves into the benefits of Elixir.

Poor API Design has Terrible Consequences.

By Arnaud Lauret

Why should we care about the design of an API? It’s quite simple. What do you do when you use an everyday thing, whether it’s a microwave oven, a web site, a mobile application, a TV remote or an ATM? You use its interface.

C# in Depth, 4th Edition: concise code with local methods

By Jon Skeet

This article, taken from chapter 14 of C# in Depth, Fourth Edition, delves into using local methods in C#.

Slideshare: Understanding Chatbot Creation


Slideshare: Get Started with Elixir


Use Cases for Container Platforms

By Jamie Duncan and John Osborne

The technology inside OpenShift is pretty cool. But unless you can tie a new technology to some sort of benefit to your mission, then it’s hard to justify investigating it. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits OpenShift can provide, starting out by looking at some of the technological benefits.

Functional Programming in C#: the virtue of laziness

By Enrico Buonanno

This article, from Functional Programming in C#, discusses laziness in computing.

Slideshare: Designing Extraordinary APIs


By Arnaud Lauret

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