Manage Your Infrastructure like Your Codebase

From Terraform in Action by Scott Winkler


Build High-Traffic Applications

From Pulsar in Action by David Kjerrumgaard


A Style Guide for Object-Oriented Programming

From Object Design Style Guide by Matthias Noback


API Design Best Practices

From API Design Patterns by JJ Geewax


Expand Your Programming Skill Set

From Algorithms and Data Structures in Action by Marcello La Rocca


Running Software in Containers: a quick guide

From Docker in Action, Second Edition by Jeff Nickoloff and Stephen Kuenzli

This article delves into running software in Docker containers.

The Computer Vision Pipeline, Part 5: Classifier learning algorithms and conclusion

From Deep Learning for Vision Systems by Mohamed Elgendy

Free eBook: Exploring Voice-First Development


Chapters selected by Ann Thymé-Gobbel, Ph.D. and Charles R. Jankowski Jr., Ph.D.

What is API Security?

From API Security in Action by Neil Madden

This article covers the definition of an API and what it means for an API to be secure.

Memory Efficiency and Space

From Seriously Good Software by Marco Faella

This article delves into using memory storage space efficiently, thus making your software more efficient and resilient.

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