Canary Deployments

From GitOps and Kubernetes by Billy Yuen, Alexander Matyushentsev, Todd Ekenstam, and Jesse Suen

This article delves into Canary deployments: what they are; how they work; and where you might consider using them.

Which Technique/Architecture is right for my Project?

From Micro Frontends in Action by Michael Geers

This article covers:

•  Contrasting the difference between a web site and a web app and investigating the implications this has on picking an integration technique.

•  Comparing different micro frontend architectures by their benefits and challenges.

•  Figuring out the best architecture and composition technique for your project’s needs.

Bringing Fluentd to Life with “Hello World”

From Unified Logging with Fluentd by Phil Wilkins

Let’s image that you’re familiar with Fluentd’s architecture and how to deploy it and dive right into the classic “Hello World” exercise.

The First Cup of Chaos

From Chaos Engineering by Mikolaj Pawlikowski

This article covers

●      Setting up the VM to run through accompanying code

●      Basics of Linux forensics – why did my process die?

●      Blast radius

Creating DSLs has never been easier

From Domain-Specific Languages Made Easy by Meinte Boersma

Sysadmin tasks with Bash and Python

From Tiny Python Projects by Ken Youens-Clark

In this article, the author tries to convince a sysadmin who might know bash to transfer systems-level tasks to Python.

The Value of Concurrency in Tests

From Testing JavaScript Applications by Lucas da Costa

This article explains what parallelism is and how Jest can help you run your tests faster.

Working with Symbolic Expressions

From Math for Programmers by Paul Orland

This article covers

●      Modeling algebraic expressions as data structures in Python

●      Writing code to analyze, transform, or evaluate an algebraic expression

●      Building a data structure from elements and combinators

Introducing Knative Serving

From Knative in Action by Jacques Chester

This article covers

•  Deploying a new Service with Knative Serving

•  Updating the Service with Revisions

•  Splitting traffic between Revisions

•  The major components of Serving and what they do

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