Making Better Apps with GraphQL and Apollo


From Learning Clientside GraphQL with Apollo
By Azat Mardan

Learn to Program!


From Get Programming with Python in Motion
By Ana Bell

Designing a Voice User Interface

From Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant by Dustin Coates

This excerpt from Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant discusses the fundamentals of voice UI design.

Free eBook: Exploring Swift


Chapters selected by Craig Grummitt

Exploring the fold Function

From Clojure: The Essential Reference by Renzo Borgatti

In this article we will explore some concrete examples of the many uses and intricacies of the fold function from the Clojure standard library.

Go from Haskell Learner to Haskell Developer


From Haskell in Depth
By Vitaly Bragilevsky

Become a CSS Master


From CSS in Depth in Motion
By Chris Ward

Mountebank and Continuous Delivery

From Testing Microservices with Mountebank by Brandon Byars

This article includes a basic refresher on continuous delivery, test strategy for continuous delivery and microservices, and where service virtualization applies within a broader testing strategy.

How OpenShift’s Core Components Work

From OpenShift in Action
By Jamie Duncan, John Osborne

Response Generation with Mountebank

From Testing Microservices with Mountebank

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