Hello Swift! What is an Array?

By Tanmay Bakshi

This article, excerpted from chapter 7 of Hello Swift!, tells you what an array is and gives quite a few examples of how one can be used.

Make Apps that Interact with Multiple Senses

By Matt Lacey

In this article, you will learn about designing apps that don’t rely on single sense interaction, but instead take advantage of multiple senses to provide a better user experience.

Who is using an app?

By Matt Lacey

In this article, you will learn why it is important to take users’ potential differences into account when creating your application, as well as what things are important to keep in mind during the design process.

Animation: Diagram for String Reversal Logic

By Tanmay Bakshi

Slideshare: Using JavaScript to make gadgets and gizmos come to life


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How JavaScript and Hardware Work Together

By Lyza Danger Gardner

This article has been excerpted from JavaScript on Things by Lyza Danger Gardner.

Size Classes in Interface Builder

By Craig Grummitt

This article has been excerpted from iOS Development with Swift

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