The Guide to Understanding Ethereum Đapps


From Building Ethereum ĐApps
By Roberto Infante

Meeting Scratch’s Key Blocks through Important Coding Concepts

From Hello Scratch! by Gabriel Ford, Sadie Ford, and Melissa Ford

You want to make the games, right? I know. I want to jump straight to the game making too. But I also know that learning key computer science ideas first makes that whole game-making thing a lot easier. It helps you jump into coding, helps you design your own games in the future, and even helps you learn another coding language, such as Python or JavaScript. The ideas covered in this article apply to every programming language and every game you’ll ever make.

Delve into Algorithms

From Algorithms in Motion
By Beau Carnes

A* Search in Swift: navigating a maze

From Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift
By David Kopec

Cryptographic Hashes and Bitcoin

From Grokking Bitcoin by Kalle Rosenbaum

This article discusses the basics of cryptographic hashes, which
are used all over the place in Bitcoin. Trying to learn Bitcoin without knowing what cryptographic hashes are is like learning chemistry without knowing what an atom is.

Digital Signatures and Bitcoin

From Grokking Bitcoin
By Kalle Rosenbaum

Why Should YOU Choose Python?

From The Quick Python Book, Third Edition by Naomi Ceder

Read this article if you want a basic overview of how Python compares to other languages, and its place in the grand scheme of things.

Making Your Own Cat, Pixel by Pixel

From Hello Scratch! by Melissa Ford, Sadie Ford, and Gabriel Ford

This article explores creating your own sprites in Scratch using the Art Editor.

Building Your First Program with Scratch

From Hello Scratch! by Melissa Ford, Sadie Ford, and Gabriel Ford

This article is an intro guide to getting started with Scratch. Let’s start creating games!

Get Inside your User’s Head

From Design for the Mind

By Victor S. Yocco

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