Working with Symbolic Expressions

From Math for Programmers by Paul Orland

This article covers

●      Modeling algebraic expressions as data structures in Python

●      Writing code to analyze, transform, or evaluate an algebraic expression

●      Building a data structure from elements and combinators

The Basic Building Blocks of SSI

From Self-Sovereign Identity by Drummond Reed & Alex Preukschat

This article delves into the constituent parts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and how they work together.

Building practical blockchain apps

From Programming Hyperledger Fabric by Siddharth Jain

Discovering Patching Vulnerabilities

From The Art of Network Penetration Testing by Royce Davis

This article delves into how attackers discover and exploit patching vulnerabilities.

Making Sense of Distributed Ledger Technologies

From Permissioned Blockchains in Action by Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers & Marta Piekarska-Geater

The Future of Digital Identity

From Self-Sovereign Identity by Alex Preukschat and Drummond Reed

Hash functions and security

From Real-World Cryptography by David Wong This article explores hash functions: what they are and how they are used to increase software security. Take 37% off Real-World Cryptography. Just enter fccwong into the discount code box at checkout at…. Continue Reading →

What is a Penetration Tester?

From Penetrating Enterprise Networks by Royce Davis

This article describes penetration testing: what it is and why a company might want a penetration test. We will also delve into the job of the penetration tester.

Testing Your Network’s Security

From The Art of Network Penetration Testing by Royce Davis

The Guide to Cryptography

From Real-World Cryptography by David Wong


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