Six Questions with Andrew Trask

Privacy, Twitter, and Machine Learning

Andrew Trask, author of Grokking Deep Learning

By Frances Lefkowitz, Manning Development Editor

Andrew Trask is a researcher pursuing a Doctorate at Oxford University, where he focuses on Deep Learning with an emphasis on human language. He is also a leader at, an open-source community of researchers and developers working on creating free and accessible tools for secure AI. Previously, Andrew was analytics product manager at Digital Reasoning, where he trained the world’s largest artificial neural network (with over 160 billion parameters) and helped guide the analytics for the Synthesys cognitive computing platform, which tackles problems in government intelligence, finance, and healthcare. Grokking Deep Learning is his first book.

Find Andrew online at his blog ( and @iamtrask on Twitter.

Six Questions with Naomi Ceder

Naomi Ceder, author of The Quick Python Book, Third Edition

By Frances Lefkowitz, Development Editor, Manning Publications

Naomi Ceder earned a Ph.D in Classics, but, since 2001, has been learning, teaching, and using Python. An elected fellow of the Python Software Foundation, Naomi currently serves as chair of its board of directors. She also speaks internationally about the Python community, and on inclusion and diversity in technology in general. By day she leads a team of Python programmers for Dick Blick Art Materials, and in her spare time she enjoys sketching, knitting, and deep philosophical conversations with her dog.

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