Getting to Know Your System: Identifying Hardware

By Steven Ovadia

In this article, excerpted from Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches, I talk about how to find and fix a hardware problem on a laptop using Linux.

Introducing Docker Machine

By Jeff Nickoloff

Docker Machine can create and tear down whole fleets of Docker enabled hosts in a matter of seconds. In this article, excerpted from Docker in Action, we discuss the Docker Machine.

Docker in Action: Shared Memory

By Jeff Nickoloff
In this article, excerpted from the book Docker in Action, I will show you how to open access to shared memory between containers.

Docker in Action: Shared Memory (PDF)

What are Volumes and Their Benefits?

By Jeff Nickoloff, author of Docker in Action
Volumes are ways to declare shared state or stateful data with a life cycle independent of a running program. Since containers are segregated in all other ways, volumes provide a mechanism to specify a scope of interaction through file access. In this article, I talk about volumes and their benefits.

What are Volumes and Their Benefits? (PDF)

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