Machine Learning

Extracting Insights from Tabular Data with Machine Learning

As we traverse our digital landscape, we leave trails in these tables that, if deciphered correctly, can unveil countless insights. Welcome to our book, Machine Learning on Tabular Data, a key guide to unlocking these mysteries. Dive in and navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of machine learning and deep learning, exclusively focused on this crucial data form. By the time you turn the last page, you’ll be prepared to transform columns and rows into actionable strategies and insights.

Harness the Power of AI in Fraud Detection

From Fight Fraud with Machine Learning by Ashish Ranjan Jha Step into the age of AI-powered fraud detection with Fight Fraud with Machine Learning, where every challenge is an opportunity to innovate. This comprehensive guide seamlessly blends theory with hands-on… Continue Reading →

The Secrets of Machine Learning System Design Mastery

From Machine Learning System Design by Valerii Babushkin and Arseny Kravchenko The term “Machine Learning System Design” (MLSD) is a relatively new entrant in the tech industry lexicon. Despite its emerging importance, the concept lacks a clear definition and a… Continue Reading →

Artifact Management

This article discusses artifact management and using passive retraining to improve model accuracy over time, as well as other helpful tips.

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