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Every week, you have the chance to join your favorite Manning authors as they write code, answer your questions, and demonstrate tech they love.

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Manning on Twitch will generally stream at least once a week at 7 PM EST. Some individual streams may differ in day and time. Check the calendar!

Here’s who you can look forwards to seeing soon

July 2022
Ed Charbeneau
Appearing at
7 PM EDT Wednesday 7/6/2022
Will be streaming a
Secrets of a Blazor Component Artisan
Bogumił Kamiński
Appearing at
10 AM EDT Wednesday 7/8/2022
Will be streaming a
Understanding the social network of GitHub developers with Julia
Chi Wang
Appearing at
7 PM EDT Thursday 7/14/2022
Will be streaming a
Engineering deep learning systems
Josh Ponelat & Lukas Rosenstock
Appearing at
4 PM EDT Friday 7/15/2022
Will be streaming a
Design and build a clone using OpenAPI and Swagger
Ashley Davis
Appearing at
7 PM EDT Monday 7/25/2022
Will be streaming a
Live reload across the stack - What it is, why you need it and how to do it
Daniel Walsh
Appearing at
7 PM EDT Wednesday 7/27/2022
Will be streaming a
Stephanie Stimac
Appearing at
7 PM EDT Wednesday 7/29/2022
Will be streaming a
Color basics for UI components on the web