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Understanding Property Injection

From Dependency Injection, Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Steven van Deursen and Mark Seemann

This article delves into the PROPERTY INJECTION DI pattern—what it is and how, when, and why to use it.

How is C# Compiled?

From Code like a Pro in C# by Jort Rodenburg

This article gives an overview of exactly how C# code is compiled.

Building Reusable UI Components and Web Frontends in C#

From Blazor in Action by Chris Sainty

Getting Started with ASP.NET Core

From ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition by Andrew Lock

This article discusses the advantages of ASP.NET Core and why you should (or shouldn’t) choose to use it for your application.

Cross-platform web development with ASP.NET Core

From ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition by Andrew Lock

Introduction to Azure Storage

Introduction to Azure Storage

From Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition by Iain Foulds

This article delves into Azure storage.

Building Microservice-Based Apps with the .NET Core Stack

From Microservices in .NET Core, Second Edition by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard

The Anatomy of a PowerShell Command

From Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches: Linux and macOS Edition by Travis Plunk

Changing The Odds: an introduction to Q#

From Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q# by Sarah Kaiser and Chris Granade

This article covers using the Quantum Development Kit to write quantum programs in Q#

Getting to Know dbatools

From Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches by Chrissy LeMaire and Rob Sewell

Interested in dbatools?

Here’s a quick introduction to some dbatools commands and common dbatools parameters.

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