Mobile Technology

I Want to Make an App, but I Don’t Know Where to Start

From Hello Swift!

By Tanmay Bakshi

Use JavaScript to Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

From React Native in Action

By Nader Dabit

How can I build cross-platform, native apps while maximizing my code re-use?

From Xamarin in Action

By Jim Bennett

How is the Command Pattern like a Genie?

From Xamarin in Action


Xamarin Provides a Mobile-Optimized Developer Lifecycle

From Xamarin in Action


Share Most of Your Code with a Xamarin App using MVVM

From Xamarin in Action


How is Data Entered into the App?

From Usability Matters by Matt Lacey

This article discusses different ways data is entered into an app and how you can use this to improve your UX design.

Why Should you Learn Swift?

From iOS Development with Swift by Craig Grummitt

Learning a new programming language is a huge investment in time, so why should you learn Swift? Well, in short, it’s only going to get more popular!

A Jigsaw Puzzle: knitting together the pieces of a good application.

From Hello Swift!


The Six Dimensions of a Great App Experience

From Usability Matters by Matt Lacey

Creating a great, intuitive, app experience requires focusing on all aspects of an apps design and implementation. Because apps can be complex and require many considerations I have identified six dimensions for you to be aware of and help ensure you do not overlook anything. The following is an extract from the first chapter of ‘Intuitive UX: The Six Dimensions of Mobile User Experience’ and introduces the six dimensions.

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