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Barcodes with iOS: Introducing Core Image

By Oliver Drobnik, author of Barcodes with iOS
The Core Graphics framework is written in pure C, meaning that it’s impossible to use CGImage instances directly with UIKit. Apple created UIImage as an Objective-C wrapper class around CGImage to bridge the gap. We explore Core Image in this article.

Barcodes with iOS: Introducing Core Image (PDF)

Congratulations – you’re a (horrible) mobile developer!

By Raymond Camden, Apache Cordova in Action
You may know the fundamentals of building a mobile application, but that doesn’t mean you know how to build a good one. Here’s good example of bad UI.

Congratulations – you’re a (horrible) mobile developer! (PDF)

Free eBook: A Mobile Mapping Application

freeEbook_MobileMappingManning’s chapter picks.

Making Animations over the Canvas

By Carlos Sessa, Jr, author of 50 Android Hacks
To draw directly on the screen, you can use Android’s Canvas class. In this hack from 50 Android Hacks, the author shows how to use this class to create a box that bounces around screen.

Making Animations over the Canvas (PDF)

Implementing the Game Menu

By Massimo Perga, Timothy Binkley-Jones, and Michael Sync
In this article, based on chapter 11 of Windows Phone 7 in Action, the authors explain how to implement starting, pausing, and resuming game play.

Implementing the Game Menu (PDF)

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