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API Gateways on AWS

By Peter Sbarski

This article takes a close look at the API Gateway. We’ll look at the fundamental activities that go into building an API and discuss features such as staging and versioning, as well as caching, logging, and throttling of requests.

Handling Client Requests Properly with Kubernetes

By Marko Lukša

It goes without saying that we want client requests to be handled properly. We obviously don’t want to see broken connections when pods are starting up or shutting down. By itself, Kubernetes doesn’t ensure this never happens. Your app needs to follow a few rules to prevent broken connections. This article discusses those rules.

GCP Data Center Locations: location is important, even in the Cloud

By J.J. Geewax

This article explores Google Cloud Platform data center locations and how to choose which data center (and cloud service provider) is right for you and your customers in terms of geographic location.

Patterns for Solving Problems in Serverless Architectures

By Peter Sbarski

In this article, you will learn about useful patterns for solving design problems in serverless architectures.

Deploying and Updating Apps with Kubernetes

By Marko Lukša

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Where Security meets DevOps: test-driven security

By Julien Vehent

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Slideshare: How can I use the cloud to build amazing new things?


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Amazon Route 53 and DNS: what’s in a name?

By David Clinton

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Provisioning a More Robust EC2 Website

By David Clinton

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