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How to Run Docker Containers More Securely

Co-author of Docker in Action, Second Edition. and the designer of scalable software systems Stephen Kuenzli explains what are Docker containers and showcases how to run them securely.

Data Authentication with Keyed Hashing

By Dennis Byrne

This article explores securing data using keyed hashing in Python.

Essential Tools for Deep Learning and Data Science

Learn the most important tools in the repertoire of a data scientist and machine learning practitioner – Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) – with the help of Krishnendu Chaudhury.

Automatic Differentiation in Python and PyTorch

Deep dive with Carl Osipov into understanding automatic differentiation used by PyTorch autograd for deep learning

The What and Why of Domain-Specific Languages

From Domain-Specific Languages Made Easy by Meinte Boersma A domain-specific language is a software language that allows domain experts to capture their knowledge in a precise enough way to make that executable. The following article is a standalone excerpt from… Continue Reading →

Password Strength: generating a secure and memorable password

From Tiny Python Projects by Ken Youens-Clark

This article delves into how to make really memorable and secure passwords—with Python!

NLP Analysis of Large Text Datasets: conducted by Dr. Leonard Apeltsin

In this video, Dr. Leonard Apelstin demonstrates xClustering Large Text Datasets in Python.

Free Ebook: The Mechanics of Learning

The Mechanics of Learning is a free eBook with chapters selected by Edward Raff.

Detecting Word Types with Part-of-Speech Tagging, part 1

From Getting Started with Natural Language Processing by Ekaterina Kochmar

This article shows you how to extract the meaningful bits of information from raw text and how to identify their roles. Let’s first look into why identifying roles is important.

Keep your systems in top condition

From Tuning Up: From A/B testing to Bayesian optimization by David Sweet Take 40% off the entire book. Just enter code slsweet into the discount code box at checkout at Tuning Up: From A/B testing to Bayesian optimization is a… Continue Reading →

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