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Explaining MapReduce (with Ducks)

From Algorithms and Data Structures in Action, by Marcello La Rocca

This articles uses the example of a well-known family of animated ducks to explain MapReduce.

Practical Applications of GANs, Part 1

From GANs in Action by Jakub Langr and Vladimir Bok

In this article, we’ll:

Explore innovative practical applications of GANs that use multiple techniques.

Namely, we’ll look at applications in medicine (to see how GANs can be used to augment a small dataset to improve classification accuracy).

Web Development Simplified

From Svelte and Sapper in Action by Mark Volkmann

What can GraphQL Do for You?

From GraphQL in Action by Samer Buna

Managing a Successful AI Project, Part 2: what to avoid

From Succeeding with AI by Veljko Krunic

When running an AI team or project there are important pitfalls to be avoided. This article discusses some of the most common ones.

Store, Analyse, and Filter Data Better

From Pandas in Action by Boris Paskhaver

The Future of Digital Identity

From Self-Sovereign Identity by Alex Preukschat and Drummond Reed

Dependency Injection and Testing in JUnit 5

From JUnit in Action, Third Edition by Catalin Tudose

This article discusses dependency injection and testing in Junit 5.

10 Ways that Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning is Used Today

From Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning by Robert Munro

Becoming a More Effective React Developer

From React Hooks in Action by John Larsen

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