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The Value of Concurrency in Tests

From Testing JavaScript Applications by Lucas da Costa

This article explains what parallelism is and how Jest can help you run your tests faster.

Working with Symbolic Expressions

From Math for Programmers by Paul Orland

This article covers

●      Modeling algebraic expressions as data structures in Python

●      Writing code to analyze, transform, or evaluate an algebraic expression

●      Building a data structure from elements and combinators

Getting Started with Baselines

From Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing by Paul Azunre

This article discusses getting started with baselines and generalized linear models.

Sharpen your Java and compsci skills

From Classic Computer Science Problems in Java by David Kopec

Free eBook: Exploring Natural Language Processing


Exploring Natural Language Processing is a free eBook with chapters selected by Hobson Lane.

The Cool Way to Search Text

The Cool Way to Search Text

By Scott Penbertht and Chris Mattmann

When Machine Learning Becomes Machine Design: new paradigms and patterns for automated deep learning

Andrew Ferlitsch reveals new paradigms–and patterns–for automated deep learning

Andrew Ferlitsch, from the developer relations team at Google Cloud AI, is so far out on the cutting edge of machine learning and artificial intelligence that he has to invent new terminology to describe what’s happening in Cloud AI with Google Cloud’s enterprise clients. In this interview with editors at Manning Publications, he talks about the current and coming changes in machine learning systems, starting with the concept of model amalgamation. Ferlitsch is currently writing a book, Deep Learning Design Patterns, which collects his ideas along with the most important composable model components.

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Introducing Knative Serving

From Knative in Action by Jacques Chester

This article covers

•  Deploying a new Service with Knative Serving

•  Updating the Service with Revisions

•  Splitting traffic between Revisions

•  The major components of Serving and what they do

The Basic Building Blocks of SSI

From Self-Sovereign Identity by Drummond Reed & Alex Preukschat

This article delves into the constituent parts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and how they work together.

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