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A Taste of Publishing with Computers

This excerpt explores the inner workings of book production with computers.

Going Inside Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms

If you want to excel in ML and deep learning, you need to know more than how to implement the algorithms—you need to know them inside-out. This book delves into selected algorithms and teaches you how to build your own from scratch.

Differential Privacy in Action

This article introduces the concept and definition of differential privacy.

Read it if you’re a machine learning engineer, or a developer building around machine learning.

Modern Concurrency with Go

This excerpt covers:

  • Introducing concurrent programming
  • Improving performance with concurrent execution
  • Scaling our programs
  • Why you should choose Go for concurrency

Proactive Security: leveraging Azure Security Services

This excerpt covers cybersecurity as an infinite game, the shared responsibility model, Azure security services, the threat landscape, cloud security challenges, the Zero Trust security model, and the defense in depth concept.

Hunting the (Cyber)Hunters

Cyber threats are constantly multiplying and evolving, and a good defense isn’t good enough anymore. The safest approach to cyber threats is to hunt them down before they do damage, rather than reactively waiting for them to be uncovered.

Learn to Build a Microservices App Today!

This book jumps right into building microservices, giving you just enough knowledge to build, while not getting mired in theory.

Policies and Procedures for Secure Access

From AWS Security by Dylan Shields

This article deals with securing access to your AWS account.

How Vulnerable Are Mobile Networks and Devices?

From Making Sense of Cyber Security by Thomas Kranz

It’s easy to forget that phones are powerful computers in their own right, vulnerable to the same threats as laptops or desktops. Mobile networks also contain many vulnerabilities that attackers can leverage. This article gives an overview of how mobile networks communicate with mobile devices and the threats therein.

Fault Tolerance in Akka

From Akka in Action, Second Edition by Francisco Lopez-Sancho  This article discusses fault tolerance. Take 35% off Akka in Action, Second Edition by entering fccabraham2 into the discount code box at checkout at What fault tolerance is (and what… Continue Reading →

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