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Running Containers in Kubernetes with Pods and Deployments

From Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches by Elton Stoneman

This article delves into getting started running pods with controllers in Kubernetes.

The Practical Guide to Data Leadership

From Become a Leader in Data Science by Jike Chong and Yue Cathy Chang

Building Reusable UI Components and Web Frontends in C#

From Blazor in Action by Chris Sainty

Achieving Loose Coupling

From Practices of the Python Pro by Dane Hillard

This article covers

•  Recognizing the signs of tightly coupled code

•  Strategies for reducing coupling

Preparing Yourself for a Job in Data Science, Part 1: bootcamp

From Build a Career in Data Science by Emily Robinson and Jacqueline Nolis

Want a job in Data Science?

This article discusses one popular way to get the skills that you’re going to need: attending a bootcamp.

The Layers of a Cloud Data Platform

From Designing Cloud Data Platforms by Danil Zburivsky and Lynda Partner

In this article, we’ll layer some of the critical and more advanced functionality needed for most data platforms today. Without this added layer of sophistication your data platform would work but it wouldn’t scale easily, nor would it meet the growing data velocity challenges. It would also be limited in terms of the types of data consumers (people and systems who consume the data from the platform) it supports, as they’re also growing in both numbers and variety.

Free eBook: Exploring Great Software Design

Exploring Great Software Design is a free eBook with chapters selected by Marco Faella.

Case Study: Breast Cancer Diagnosis

From Ensemble Methods for Machine Learning by Gautam Kunapuli

Our first case study explores a medical decision-making task: breast cancer diagnosis. We will see how to use scikit-learn’s homogeneous parallel ensemble modules in practice. Specifically, we will train and evaluate the performance of three homogeneous parallel algorithms, each characterized by increasing randomness: bagging with decision trees, random forests and ExtraTrees.

Getting started with graphs

From R in Action, Third Edition by Robert Kabacoff

This article dicusses graphs and graphic using the ggplot2 package

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