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Fetching Data from the Database

From Data-Oriented Programming by Yehonathan Sharvit

This article explores how data-oriented programming deals with retrieving data from a database.

Cleaning Data

From Pandas Workout by Reuven Lerner

This article discusses cleaning data to use with Pandas.

HTTP Session Management

From Full Stack Python Security by Dennis Byrne

HTTP sessions are a necessity for all but the most trivial web applications. Web applications use HTTP sessions to isolate the traffic, context, and state of each user. This is the basis for every form of online transaction. If you’re buying something on Amazon, messaging someone on Facebook, or transferring money from your bank, the server must be able to identify you across multiple requests. This illustrates these concepts with Django.

Defining Infrastructure Declaratively with Crossplane

From Continuous Delivery with Kubernetes by Mauricio Salatino

This article discusses using Crossplane to provision real infrastructure in a declarative way.

Your Data under a Different Lens: window functions

From Data Analysis with Python and PySpark by Jonathan Rioux

This article covers window functions and the kind of data transformation they enable.

Free eBook: Exploring Software Telemetry

Exploring Software Telemetry is a free eBook with chapters selected by Jamie Riedesel.

Free eBook: Team Good Code

Team Good Code is a free eBook with chapters selected by Tom Long.

Writing to SQL Server

From Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches by Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell, Jess Pomfret, Cláudio Silva

This article focuses on saving data to the place that SQL Server DBAs feel most comfortable keeping data: a table in an SQL Server database!

You’ll learn different ways to write data to an SQL Server table using dbatools.

Introduction to RSocket

From Spring Boot in Practice by Somnath Musib This article explores Rsocket and how it interacts with Spring Boot. Take 35% off Spring Boot in Practice by entering fccmusib into the discount code box at checkout at In this… Continue Reading →

Programming Camera-Relative Movement Controls

From Unity in Action, Third Edition by Joseph Hocking This article is an excerpt from chapter 8, in which the reader learns to program movement controls for a character that has been imported into Unity. Take 35% off Unity in… Continue Reading →

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