Transfer Learning for NLP
Paul Azunre
“One of the best written books of its kind!” — Marc-Anthony Taylor
“Get a deeper understanding of transfer learning in the context of NLP and learn stuff that works!” — Sayak Paul
“Gives a practical overview of the past, present, and future in NLP.” — Ninoslav Cerkez
“A fantastic book for anyone looking to dive deeper into NLP and transfer learning.” — Matthew Sarmiento
“An interesting book that introduces Transfer Learning techniques in the domain of NLP.” — Nikos Kanakaris
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Training deep learning NLP models from scratch is costly, time-consuming, and requires massive amounts of data.
Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing teaches you to create powerful NLP solutions quickly by building on existing pretrained models.
This instantly useful book provides crystal-clear explanations of the concepts you need to grok transfer learning along with hands-on examples so you can practice your new skills immediately.
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Meet Paul Azunre
Paul Azunre holds a PhD in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has served as a Principal Investigator on several DARPA research program teams advancing the state of the field of Natural Language Processing.
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