Abuse of Abstract Factories

From Dependency Injection in .NET, Second Edition by Steven van Deursen

This article discusses why Abstract Factories shouldn’t be used to create stateful Dependencies with a short lifestyle and why it’s generally better not to use Abstract Factories to select Dependencies based on runtime data.

What is an Array and What can I Do with One?

From Hello Swift! by Tanmay Bakshi

This article, excerpted from chapter 7 of Hello Swift! , tells you what an array is and gives quite a few examples of how one can be used.

The Virtue of Laziness

From Functional Programming in C# by Enrico Buonanno

This article, from Functional Programming in C#, discusses laziness in computing.

Getting Started with Scala


By Daniela Sfregola

Ruby for Everyone!


By Joseph Leo and David A. Black

Do you Have an App Idea?

By Wendy Wise

Why Should YOU Choose Python?

By Naomi Ceder

This article has been excerpted from The Quick Python Book, Third Edition.

Your Programming Journey Starts Here


By Ana Bell

Getting Started with Electron

By Steve Kinney

This article is excerpted from Chapter 1 of Electron in Action

Streaming Data: exactly once processing

By Andrew G. Psaltis

This article was excerpted from the book Streaming Data.

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