Unraveling Design Patterns, in Rust!

From Rust Design Patterns by Brenden Matthews In an era where programming languages continue to evolve and improve, Rust has emerged as a powerful tool prized for its safety, speed, and superior tooling. As this language steadily gains traction in… Continue Reading →

Acing the USACO Bronze Competition: Your Gateway to Mastery

From Acing the USACO Bronze Competition by Zachi Baharav Competitive programming is a captivating challenge that hones problem-solving and coding skills in a thrilling, time-pressured environment. At the heart of this world, the USACO Bronze Competition serves as an essential… Continue Reading →

Mastering Code Reviews

From “Looks Good to Me”: Constructive code reviews by Adrienne Braganza Looks Good to Me: Constructive code reviews is an innovative and comprehensive guide offering actionable advice for crafting constructive code reviews. This avant-garde resource has been specifically designed to cater… Continue Reading →

Mastering TypeScript

Now in its third edition, this bestselling guide to TypeScript takes you through the nuts and bolts of the language. No frills, no fuss, just TypeScript essentials!

Writing Clean, Maintainable Code

Learn to create clean, maintainable code in this comprehensive handbook of design practices, principles, and patterns in object-oriented coding.

Being a Better PHP Dev: learning to avoid the common mistakes

This book will upgrade your PHP code by highlighting the errors, antipatterns, and security weaknesses common to PHP applications.

Asynchronous Programming and Multithreading in C#

Learn to harness the power of multithreading and async/await to get maximum speed from your code with C# Concurrency.

Using Data Structures other than Lists and Tuples

This article discusses alternatives to lists and tuples for use a data structures.

All You Ever Wanted to Know about ASP.NET Core

Pro ASP.NET Core 7 is the tenth edition of Adam Freeman’s industry-leading handbook to building web applications ASP.NET Core, now fully updated to .NET 7.

The Essential Guide to Elixir

Learn to build production-quality distributed applications and highly available server-side systems using Elixir. This new edition is fully updated with the latest versions and features of the language.

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