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Chapters selected by Naomi Ceder

Crunching Data with Dask


Mutable and Immutable Objects

From Get Programming by Ana Bell

This article, adapted from Get Programming: Learn to code with Python, discusses mutable and immutable objects in Python.

Starting to Program: meet Python

From Get Programming by Ana Bell

It’s likely you’re reading this article because you’ve heard about the Python programming language. This article introduces Python, teaches you how to install it and set up your workspace, and how to write code in the IPython console.

Jumping into Python

By Naomi Ceder

Why Should YOU Choose Python?

From The Quick Python Book, Third Edition by Naomi Ceder

Read this article if you want a basic overview of how Python compares to other languages, and its place in the grand scheme of things.

Your Programming Journey Starts Here


By Ana Bell

Q & A with Ana Bell of Get Programming

Q & A with Ana Bell, the author of Get Programming.


Learning Python: a bread baking metaphor

From Get Programming by Ana Bell

What does baking bread and writing code have in common? More than one might think…

Calculating the Percentage of New Orleans that is Wetlands

From Geoprocessing with Python

Calculate the percentage of New Orleans that is wetlands

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