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How does Node.js work with NW.js and Electron?

From Cross-Platform Desktop Applications by Paul Jensen

Those who’ve used Node.js in the past may be curious about how it works in a hybrid desktop application environment such as NW.js or Electron. The truth is it’s not that different from how it already works in server-side applications, but there are a few items of difference, and to understand what those are and why this is the case, we’ll start by looking at the way Node.js is integrated into NW.js.

The Difference between Traditional Web Apps and Desktop Apps Built with NW.js

From Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
The difference between traditional web apps and desktop apps built with NW.js is that where there the code for the interface and the business logic in a web app are in separate places and share no state or context, in NW.js not only do they run in one place, but they also share state and context.

Getting Started with Electron

From Electron in Action by Steve Kinney

If you want to find out what Electron is all about, then you should read this article.

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