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Getting Started with Meteor

By Michael Nagle

This video is Michael Nagle’s “Getting Started with Meteor” presentation from the Powered by JavaScript 2014 Conference

Integrating External APIs into your Meteor application

By Stephan Hochhaus, author of Meteor in Action
Many applications rely on external APIs to retrieve data. If APIs must be called from the server, calling the API usually takes longer than executing the method itself. Let’s talk about how to integrate an external API via HTTP.

Integrating External APIs into your Meteor application (PDF)

Meteor: Working with the Session object

By Stephan Hochhaus and Manuel Schoebel, authors of Meteor in Action
A dedicated Session object that is only available on the client and lives in memory only is useful for keeping track of current user contexts and actions. In this article, we’ll explore the Session object and how to use it.

Meteor: Working with the Session object (PDF)

Meteor in Action: Authenticating users with 0Auth

By Stephan Hochhaus and Manuel Schoebel
Meteor ships with multiple authentication providers. All of them are based on oAuth, a complex way to pass authentication data from one site to another. In this article, excerpted from Meteor in Action, we show you how oAuth works.

Meteor in Action: Authenticating users with 0Auth (PDF)

Demystifying LLMs: Insights for Machine Learning Success

Machine Learning is experiencing a meteoric rise, transforming industries and shaping the future of technology. However, amid this transformation, one aspect of machine learning often remains in the shadows: the practical application of models in real-world scenarios. This is where our guide, LLMs in Production steps in.

This book is your compass in the vast landscape of Machine Learning models, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs). In an era where ML models are pervasive but their real-world implementation remains a challenge, this book emerges as a guiding light.

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Why Should you Learn Swift?

From iOS Development with Swift by Craig Grummitt

Learning a new programming language is a huge investment in time, so why should you learn Swift? Well, in short, it’s only going to get more popular!

The Reactive Editing Workflow

From Meteor in Action
Meteor in Action Diagram 2

Setting up Reactive Contexts that Re-Run when Data Changes

From Meteor in Action
Meteor in Action Diagram 1

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