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AI-Assisted Data Science: The Power of Language Models & How to Communicate With Them

Picture this: just a few years ago, language models were niche concepts, foreign to many. Fast-forward to 2023, and they’ve taken the world by storm. ChatGPT, the lightning-fast consumer app, has become a household name, reaching far beyond computer science enthusiasts. Language models are no longer an exotic topic but have firmly embedded themselves in our everyday lives.

However, while many embrace language models like ChatGPT, few harness their true potential, especially in the realm of data science. These models offer a unified interface, allowing data analysis via plain English instructions, but effectively leveraging them demands the right tools, understanding model trade-offs, and a glimpse into their inner workings.

Join us on an exciting journey as we delve into the realms of AI-Assisted Data Science, authored by the insightful Immanuel Trummer.

The Primer for Modernizing Software Architectures

Architecture Modernization presents practices to evolve software, teams, and business strategy to achieve your business’s full potential.

Better Software Development with Collaborative Modeling

Learn good practices, collaborative tools, and effective techniques for incorporating your key stakeholders into the software design process.

The Creative Road Ahead

From The Creative Programmer by Wouter Groeneveld

Creativity is essential to being a successful programmer. The stories, examples, and groundbreaking research in this book will help you unleash your creative potential and make you a more successful developer.

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Good and bad flexibility in code

By Christian Clausen

Flexibility is essential for long-lived codebases, however, it comes at a price. It requires effort to maintain flexibility and improperly-implemented flexibility can actually make a codebase harder to maintain. In this article, I show how good flexibility can be extracted from the structure of our code with minimal effort. But before we get into that, let’s discuss what flexibility in a codebase means.

Before You Model: planning and scoping

From Machine Learning Engineering in Action by Ben Wilson

Before we get into how successful planning phases for ML projects are undertaken, let’s go through a simulation of the genesis of a typical project at a company that doesn’t have an established or proven process for initiating ML work.

Fear of Deployments

From Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions by Jeffery Smith

This article covers

Longer release cycles and their impact to the team’s deployment confidence
Automation techniques for deployments
The value of code deployment artifacts
Feature flags for releasing incomplete code

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What are Pulsar Functions?

From Apache Pulsar in Action by David Kjerrumgaard

This article gives an intro into Pulsar Functions: what they are and what they do.

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