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Designing APIs: communicating with your developers

From Irresistible APIs by Kirsten L. Hunter

In general, companies and organizations want to keep their vision and strategy close to the chest. Revealing this sort of information outside of your development organization feels like a vulnerable choice, but it is critical for a new platform, or an existing platform, to provide as much context around the API program as possible. I’m not talking here about reference documentation, tutorials, and example code. For this high level communication I’m talking about things like the overall vision, business values, and metrics.

Worker Processes and Executors

From Storm Applied
A worker process consists of one or more executors, with each executor consisting of one or more tasks

The big data ecosystem and data science

The big data ecosystem can be grouped into technologies that have similar goals and functionalities. In this article, we’ll explore those technologies. This article is excerpted from Introducing Data Science. Save 39% on Introducing Data Science with code 15dzamia at… Continue Reading →

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