Building Reusable UI Components and Web Frontends in C#

From Blazor in Action by Chris Sainty

Techniques for handling modern big data applications

From Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Datasets by Dzejla Medjedovic, Emin Tahirovic, and Ines Dedovic

The path to becoming a Pythonista

From The Well-Grounded Python Developer by Doug Farrell

Becoming a Spring master

From Spring in Action, 6th Edition by Craig Walls

Creating DSLs has never been easier

From Domain-Specific Languages Made Easy by Meinte Boersma

Sharpen your Java and compsci skills

From Classic Computer Science Problems in Java by David Kopec

Transparent and understandable AI systems

From Interpretable AI by Ajay Thampi

Building practical blockchain apps

From Programming Hyperledger Fabric by Siddharth Jain

The guide to EF Core

From Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition by Jon P Smith

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