Software Development

The Definitive Guide to Spring


By Craig Walls

Create Amazing Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

By Paul Jensen

Build Microservices the Smart Way

By John Carnell

Designing APIs: communicating with your developers

From Irresistible APIs by Kirsten L. Hunter

In general, companies and organizations want to keep their vision and strategy close to the chest. Revealing this sort of information outside of your development organization feels like a vulnerable choice, but it is critical for a new platform, or an existing platform, to provide as much context around the API program as possible. I’m not talking here about reference documentation, tutorials, and example code. For this high level communication I’m talking about things like the overall vision, business values, and metrics.

Spring, Spring Boot, and Five Years from Now: a chat with Craig Walls

Learn more about Spring Boot and the Spring Framework in this interview with Craig Walls, author of Spring Boot in Action, along with five editions of Spring in Action.

How the Routing Slip EIP Routs Incoming Messages

From Camel in Action, Second Edition
The Routing Slip EIP reads the slip attached to the incoming message (that specifies a list of endpoints) and then routes the message to the next endpoint in the list.

Reactive Extensions: What is Asynchronicity?

By Tamir Dresher
In this article, excerpted from Reactive Extensions in Action , I define asynchronicity and talk about why it’s so important to a Reactive application.

Reactive Extensions: What is Asynchronicity? (PDF)

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