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Applied Natural Language Processing

From Real-World Natural Language Processing by Masato Hagiwara


The Guide to Cryptography

From Real-World Cryptography by David Wong


Build High-Traffic Applications

From Apache Pulsar in Action by David Kjerrumgaard

A New Approach to Deep Learning

From Probabilistic Deep Learning with Python by Oliver Dürr, Beate Sick, and Elvis Murina


Expand Your Programming Skill Set

Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures by Marcello La Rocca.

Memory Efficiency and Space

From Seriously Good Software by Marco Faella

This article delves into using memory storage space efficiently, thus making your software more efficient and resilient.

Refine your Testing Regimen

From Unit Testing: Principles, Patterns and Practices by Vladimir Khorikov


The Singleton Lifestyle

From Dependency Injection, Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Steven van Deursen and Mark Seemann

This articles explains the Singleton Lifestyle: what it is and what it means for your code.

Unlocking Blockchain

From Blockchain in Action by Bina Ramamurthy


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