Policies and Procedures for Secure Access

From AWS Security by Dylan Shields

This article deals with securing access to your AWS account.

Applying VACUUM to Data

From Cloud Native Machine Learning by Carl Osipov

The goal of this article is to teach you the data quality criteria you should use across any machine learning project, regardless of the dataset. This means that this part deals primarily with concepts rather than code.

Logical Access Protection: Securing the use of your AWS account with IAM

From AWS Security by Dylan Shields

This article deals with methods you can use to secure your AWS account.

Leverage Cloud-Based Machine Learning Services

From Serverless Machine Learning in Action by Carl Osipov

AWS Automation with AWS CloudFormation

From AWS CloudFormation in Action by Chuck Gehman

Defending AWS-Based Systems

From AWS Security by Dylan Shields

Amazon Route 53 and DNS: what’s in a name?

From Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches by David Clinton

Until something breaks, you normally won’t spend a lot of time thinking about DNS servers – unless, of course, you want your customers to be able to access your website by its plain text name. For that to happen, you’ll have to reserve the name you’d like with a domain name registrar. The job of a registrar is to update the indexes used by the big DNS servers, so that translation requests from anyone on the Internet can be quickly satisfied. Once you’re over that critical hurdle, you can go back to ignoring DNS once again.

Understanding Infrastructure as Code

By Michael Wittig and Andreas Wittig
In this article, excerpted from Amazon Web Service in Action, we will explain Infrastructure as Code.

Understanding Infrastructure as Code (PDF)

Functionality of the Spot Market for Virtual Servers

From Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition
Functionality of the spot market for virtual servers

Layers of Server Virtualization

From Amazon Web Services in Action, Second EditionLayers of server virtualization

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