JSON Web Tokens & Alternatives

In this video, security expert Neil Madden explains self-contained tokens and JWTs in detail.

OWASP API Security Top 10

From Microservices Security in Action by Prabath Siriwardena

This article explores the OWASP API top-ten list of API security vulnerabilities.

Free eBook: API Security Starter


Chapters selected by Neil Madden

What is API Security?

From API Security in Action by Neil Madden

This article covers the definition of an API and what it means for an API to be secure.

Safe and Scalable APIs at Your Fingertips

From API Security in Action by Neil Madden


Free eBook: Understanding API Security


Chapters selected by Justin Richer and Antonio Sanso

Getting an OAuth Access Token using the Authorization Code Flow

From OAuth 2 in Action
Getting an OAuth access token using the authorization code flow

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