Poor API Design Has Terrible Consequences.

From The Design of Everyday APIs by Arnaud Lauret

Why should we care about the design of an API? It’s quite simple. What do you do when you use an everyday thing, whether it’s a microwave oven, a web site, a mobile application, a TV remote or an ATM? You use its interface.

Designing Extraordinary APIs


By Arnaud Lauret

Start Using GraphQL Today


By Tyler Reckart

Free eBook: Understanding API Security


Chapters selected by Justin Richer and Antonio Sanso

Embrace API-First Design

By Kristen Hunter

Designing APIs: communicating with your developers

From Irresistible APIs by Kirsten L. Hunter

In general, companies and organizations want to keep their vision and strategy close to the chest. Revealing this sort of information outside of your development organization feels like a vulnerable choice, but it is critical for a new platform, or an existing platform, to provide as much context around the API program as possible. I’m not talking here about reference documentation, tutorials, and example code. For this high level communication I’m talking about things like the overall vision, business values, and metrics.

Getting an OAuth Access Token using the Authorization Code Flow

From OAuth 2 in Action
Getting an OAuth access token using the authorization code flow

Express.js: How to version your API

By Evan Hahn
What if you decide down the road that you want to update your API without having all of the people who use your API have to update their code? In this article, excerpted from Express in Action, I’ll talk about versioning your API.

Express.js: How to version your API (PDF)

What is API First?

By Kirsten L. Hunter, author of Irresistible APIs
In this article, I explain what API First is and how existing APIs are generally created.

What is API First? (PDF)

Building a Test API for Your Application

By Roy Osherove
Sooner or later, as you start writing tests for your applications, you’re bound to refactor them, and create utility methods, utility classes, and many other constructs (either in the test projects or in the code under test) solely for the purpose of testability or test readability and maintenance. This article from The Art of Unit Testing how to use inheritance in your test classes, create test utility classes and methods, and make your API known to developers.

Building a Test API for Your Application (PDF)

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