WiFi Communication and Arduino

By Martin Evans, Joshua Noble, Mark Sproul, and Jordan Hochenbaum
Imagine if you could not only display information from the Arduino on an external screen, but also send it out over the Internet for the world to see? What if you could control your Arduino remotely? Getting your Arduino on the Internet and remotely talking to your computer are just two of the many communication channels possible with the Arduino. In this article, a companion to the WiFi section of chapter 8 in Arduino in Action, which shows you how to use the official Arduino Wi-Fi shield, the authors discuss WiFi network and Bluetooth communication with the Arduino.

WiFi Communication and Arduino (PDF)

AdaFruit Motor Shield

The motor shield from AdaFruit is one of the most popular Arduino shields because of what it enables you to do easily: connect multiple motors and external power sources to the Arduino without worrying about overpowering or overdrawing current from the Arduino. In this article based on chapter 12 of Arduino in Action, author Joshua Noble discusses the features of the AdaFruit motor shield.

AdaFruit Motor Shield (PDF)

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