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The Ultimate Speed Reader

Why speed read this, you ask? Learn how AI can plow through an inbox at superhuman speeds. Let an AI summarize and help you focus. That’s what I need. [ed. This is my first joint blog post with Chris Mattmann,… Continue Reading →

Improving NLP Model Training Time and Efficiency

From Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing by Paul Azunre

Delivering the Right Search Results

From AI-Powered Search by Trey Grainger

Active Transfer Learning with PyTorch

By Robert Munro, author of Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

10 Ways that Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning is Used Today

From Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning by Robert Munro

How to manage a successful AI project

From Succeeding with AI by Veljko Krunic

Machine Learning with Watson: The Greatest Achievement of Artificial Intelligence to Date

By Peter Harrington
This article, related to Machine Learning in Action, discusses the inner workings of Watson, the computer built by IBM to compete in Jeopardy! and beat the two greatest human players the game has ever known. Watson’s achievement was building a massive system that could quickly generate an answer or choose not to answer. Watson used the computing power to run multiple natural language processing algorithms on a question and combine the answers from these algorithms.

The Greatest Achievement of Artificial Intelligence to Date (PDF)

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