Abuse of Abstract Factories

From Dependency Injection in .NET, Second Edition by Steven van Deursen

This article discusses why Abstract Factories shouldn’t be used to create stateful Dependencies with a short lifestyle and why it’s generally better not to use Abstract Factories to select Dependencies based on runtime data.

Concise Code with Local Methods in C#

From C# in Depth, Fourth Edition by Jon Skeet

This article, taken from chapter 14 of C# in Depth, Fourth Edition, delves into using local methods in C#.

The Virtue of Laziness

From Functional Programming in C# by Enrico Buonanno

This article, from Functional Programming in C#, discusses laziness in computing.

Getting to Know Unity

From Unity in Action, Second Edition by Sean Hunter

This article introduces you to Unity and explores the Unity user interface and its operation.

Building a Demo that Puts you in 3D Space


By Joseph Hocking

Interpolated String Literals in C#

From C# in Depth, Fourth Edition by Jon Skeet

This article gives a quick recap on string formatting in .NET before going into depth on using the new interpolated string literal feature of C# 6.

Improve your C# Code with Functional Programming Techniques

By Enrico Buonanno

What Can .NET Core Do for you?

By Dustin Metzgar

Coordinates along the X-, Y-, and Z-Axes Define Positions

From Unity in Action, Second Edition
Coordinates along the X-, Y-, and Z-axes define positions

A Ray is an Imaginary Line, and Raycasting is Finding where that Line Intersects

From Unity in Action, Second Edition
A ray is an imaginary line, and raycasting is finding where that line intersects

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