Identity Keyrings

From Data Engineering on Azure by Vlad Riscutia

This article talks about building identity keyrings

Changing Data Classification through Processing

This is an excerpt from a draft of chapter 10 of my book, Azure Data Engineering, which deals with compliance. In this article we’ll look at a few techniques to transform sensitive user data into less sensitive data. In the book, this includes code samples for implementation on Azure Data Explorer, which are omitted from this article. Let’s start with a couple of definitions.

Batch queries with Azure Data Lake Analytics

From Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics by Richard Nuckolls

This article discusses using Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) for batch queries.

Going Cloud-Native


Six Questions for Cornelia Davis, author of Cloud Native Patterns 

Cornelia Davis is Vice President of Technology at Pivotal Software. A teacher at heart, she’s spent the last 25 years making good software and great software developers.

Why Choose Azure for Data Engineering?

From Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics by Richard Nuckolls

This article delves into Azure’s tools for data engineering and why you should consider using them.

Free eBook: Principles of Cloud Design


Chapters selected by David Clinton

Data Analytics on Azure

From Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics
By Richard L. Nuckolls

Armoring Lambda for Production

From Production-Ready Serverless by Yan Cui

Sharing Data Volumes Between Machines: EFS

From Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition by Michael Wittig and Andreas Wittig

In this article, we will compare various vile systems and how you can share data across EC2 instances.

How Can you Get True Redundancy with an Azure Web Application?

From Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition by Iain Foulds.

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