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Harnessing the Phoenix


By Geoffrey Lessel

The Parallel Functional Pipeline Pattern

From Concurrency in .NET  by Riccardo Terrell

In this article, you’re going to implement one of the most common coordination techniques—the pipeline pattern. In general, a pipeline is composed of a series of computational steps, organized as a chain of stages, where each stage depends on the output of its predecessor and usually performs a transformation on the input data.

The Foundations of Functional Concurrency

From Concurrency in .NET by Riccardo Terrell

In this article, we discuss the need for concurrency, common issues specific to developing concurrent applications in either imperative or object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming, and why the functional programming paradigm is ideal for solving common concurrency issues.

Passing Arguments to a Thread Function


By Anthony Williams

Delving into Nim

From Nim in Action by Dominik Picheta

In this article you’ll learn the basics of Nim’s syntax. Learning the syntax is an important first step, as it teaches you the specific ways to write Nim code.

Embrace Concurrent Programming


By Riccardo Terrell

C++ Concurrency in Action

Based on the book C++ Concurrency in Action, this article delves into the new C++ standard (referred to as C++0x), which is scheduled to be published in 2010. The new standard will support multi-threaded programs, allowing for concurrent programming in C++. To learn more about multithreading and concurrent programming, check out this article.

C++ Concurrency in Action (PDF)

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