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Start Leveraging Deep Learning


From Deep Learning with R in Motion
By Rick J. Scavetta

Put Deep Learning to good use!


From Deep Learning with PyTorch
By Eli Stevens and Luca Antiga

Free eBook: Exploring Data with Python


Chapters selected by Naomi Ceder

Crunching Data with Dask


From Data Science at Scale with Python and Dask
By Jesse C. Daniel

Building your Data Pipeline with JavaScript


From Data Wrangling with JavaScript
By Ashley Davis

Free eBook: Exploring the Data Jungle: Finding, Preparing, and Using Real-World Data


Chapters selected by Brian Godsey

Managing Quality

From The Art of Data Usability by Tryggvi Björgvinsson

This article discusses quality management in terms of data and data projects. When you know what your users need or want, you’ll have to manage those expectations somehow, but how do you manage quality? It turns out that you approach it similarly to how you would try to properly answer a question.

Learning from the Past: data usability

From The Art of Data Usability by Tryggvi Björgvinsson

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by data, but it’s not always simple to interpret. Not only that, it’s also rather easy to mistakenly interpret data. This article, adapted from chapter 1, introduces the idea of “data usability” and goes into why it’s important in today’s data-rich world.

Murder Mystery: a data project

From The Art of Data Usability
By Tryggvi Björgvinsson

Specifying Data Type in R

From Beyond Spreadsheets with R
By Dr. Jonathan Carroll

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