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Ingesting Data from Files with Spark, Part 1

From Spark in Action, 2nd Ed. by Jean Georges Perrin

This is the first in a series of 4 articles on the topic of ingesting data from files with Spark. This section deals with ingesting data from CSV.

Deep Machine Learning

From Deep Learning Crash Course by Oliver Zeigermann

Develop Superior Machine Learning Algorithms

From Graph-Powered Machine Learning by Alessandro Negro


Analyzing Stock Price Time Series with Fortran Arrays, Part 2

From Modern Fortran by Milan Curcic

What do Cooking Pasta and Data Science Have in Common?

From Data Science at Scale with Python and Dask by Jesse C. Daniel

This article discusses Dask, how it compares to Apache Spark, and how to create and understand directed acyclic graphs using the example of the delicious Italian pasta dish bucatini all’Amatriciana.

A Practice-Oriented Approach to Data Science


From Practical Data Science with R, Second Edition
By Nina Zumel and John Mount

Start Leveraging Deep Learning


From Deep Learning with R in Motion
By Rick J. Scavetta

Put Deep Learning to good use!


From Deep Learning with PyTorch
By Eli Stevens and Luca Antiga

Free eBook: Exploring Data with Python


Chapters selected by Naomi Ceder

Crunching Data with Dask


From Data Science at Scale with Python and Dask
By Jesse C. Daniel

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